The Memories that Make Me

Our Fall 2008 Collection has been shipped to stores now. It is a beautiful collection celebrating the childhood memories that make us who we are today. This seasons collection was dedicated to my grandparents who unselfishly gave their love and time to my brother and I growing up. They lived up at Deka Lake where we spent every Summer and enjoyed every last minute of it. It's detailing and styling is symbolic of life in the country. I started the collection over a year ago and we launched the collection this month. Last week my grandfather passed away sadly at the age of 89 - I am proud to dedicate this collection to him and to thank him for giving me all the wonderful gifts of love that he unconditionally gave and for providing me with so many wonderful memories that have made me the person I am today, and that I can pass on to my children. Please enjoy the collection and cherish your little ones. Each day is a gift.