Purchase your Peekaboo Beans

If you are looking to purchase Peekaboo Beans, either pieces from our Fall collection or our Christmas Lounge sets, please let us know your order and we can either fulfill the order for you or locate the product through one our many retailers and we will ship it directly to your house. We accept, Mastercard, Visa or American Express, if you want to pay by cash you can also pay by Paypal. We want you to be satisfied, so just let us know, product name, color, and size! You will love your purchase - we guarantee it! Email your order or questions to play@peekaboobeans.com!

Giving Back

It is nice to teach our children about giving to the less fortunate, especially at this time of year. At Peekaboo Beans it is important to us to give back throughout the year, but this Christmas, with the help of our manufacturing partner and Wind and Tide Preschool, we facilitated the donation of 500 long sleeve shirts to the Union Gospel Mission (Hope for the hungry, hurting and homeless). It gives us a warm and wonderful feeling to beable to help in the small bits we can. We are in the process of facilitating another 500 long sleeve shirts to the Front Room. If you have a special charity that you are involved with, please let us know and if the opportunity arises we hope we can help.

Peekaboo Power Stretch

Caden is doing his morning power stretches in his Peekaboo comfies! Our christmas sets have flown off the shelves and have been featured already in West Coast Families, Global TV Noon News, eTalk Daily and will be featured in the Province next Tuesday!

Lounging Around

I met a lovely hip mom at the Sweetheart Ball last year and how lucky for me she has become a dear friend AND a huge Peekaboo Beans supporter. Here are her lovely girls, lounging around in their Peekaboo Beans. Olivia has now been featured in two of our photoshoots and lucky for us doesn't like to take them off! My favorite story of Nicky's is her nephew loves Peekaboo Beans so much, prior to him owning his own, he would come over and wear Libby Lou's pink outfits around the house because he just loved them so much. Happily for him now, he has his own boy Peekaboo Beans digs and Olvia doesn't have to fight him for it. Thanks for sharing the stories! They always warm my heart!!

The Business Excellence Awards

Peekaboo Beans was excited to learn we were nominated as Best New Business of the Year by the Surrey Board of Trade. From all the businesses throughout Surrey we made the final 10 nominees and from that final 10 we were selected as one of the top 3. We were featured on a 30 second video clip of our business at the banquet with over 450 of the top business people in our area viewing, and received some good press from it. So needless to say, it was a very exciting night for our growing little company. There is good news and bad news, the bad news is we didn't win, but the good news is I didn't have to speak in front of 450 people, to accept the award! However, as the saying goes, we were just happy to be nominated!! Maybe next year. During the night we did receive tons of positive praise and I know there were lots of supporters voting for us, so for that thank you to everyone who have continued to support us as we grow. Andhra and I are here accepting our plaque and our lovely gift basket (the consolation prize) :), no matter what, we still got to wear the dress!! Congrats to the other nominees and winners too.

70 Days 19 Hours and 47 Minutes Until Christmas

Not that I am counting or anything - but just in case you wanted to tackle your christmas shopping early, order your Lounge Around with Peekaboo Beans, LIMITED EDITION Christmas Box sets.

Each gift set includes a Christmas Lounge set, in a "playful" gift box. We are offering a two piece girls lounge set, and a two piece boys lounge set. In sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Perfect for playing and lounging around the house in over the Christmas season.

If you are interested in a gift box set for a gift or for your loved one, please email me your order asap. Don’t miss out on this as there will be limited quantities produced.

They are made with a lightweight soft and comfy jersey (t-shirt) material, 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex (so they won't bag out)!

The boys t-shirt is a baseball style shirt with thumbhole loops (perfect for keeping hands warm), with a raw edge at the bottom. The pants have a drawstring waist, a faux zipper and oversized cuff on the bottom.

The girls tunic style top has a rolled edge hem and bell sleeves with a rolled edge hem and cute ruffle detail. Pants have a low-rise and drawstring waist, flare leg with a rolled edge hem and a ruffle detail.

Pieces feature our Peekaboo Bean Logo screen with Santa hats!

All pieces are prewashed, with iron on labels and flat seamless stitching for irritation free wearing and easy necklines for easy on and off.

A steal at $48.00! To order email me at traci@peekaboobeans.com

Best New Business of the Year - Business Excellence Awards

We were ecstatic to have been nominated for BEST NEW BUSINESS OF THE YEAR and attended the nominee luncheon recently, where the top ten nominees for each category were awarded with a plaque. The other day I was browsing the paper and read that we made the final cut and are now in the top three! I was then contacted for a onsite interview and will be having a video presentation done that will be featured during the banquet on November 1 in front of 500 people for a black tie event! Thank you to everyone for the endless support and feedback and love for your Peekaboo Beans. Without that, I wouldn't be receiving this great opportunity. Now that IS excellent!

Like Apples and Oranges

Check out the current contest our exclusive online retailer is having right now at www.apples-n-oranges.com, The Cutest Kid in Apples N Oranges. If you submit a photo with your cutee dressed in ours or any other of their Canadian brands you are entered in to win a great prize of none other than....PEEKABOO BEANS! Apples N Oranges also has a new registry option on their site too, it is great for showers, birthdays, Christmas and so easy to get all your shopping done at once. All while supporting local! Don't miss out.

Thanks for all the great work Vicki and Lara.

Mini Rave

Thanks to Urban Family Events and Dance Generationz (www.dancegenerationz.com). for putting on such a fun event! Cailin and I, Andhra and Meena, Terynn and Teaghan, Nicky and Olivia moved and grooved at the Plush Nightclub dance party in September. Peekaboo Beans was a delighted sponsor - it was so great to see all the kids having soo much fun!

The next event is scheduled for October 21, 2007. Check out their site for ticket details. Whole Family DJ Dance Party invites parents with babies, toddlers and children of all ages to this family hotspot. Featuring a live DJ, roomy dance floor, toy-filled relaxin' room, bubble machines, healthy snacks included, on-site photographer offering free sittings and special guest performers!

Thanks to Jenny Slin for the contribued photo - www.jennyslinnphotography.com

Cailin and I are raising the roof centre front!

Look out Dolce and Gabanna...

We have many aspiring little fashion designers out there and we wanted to showcase a few of our favs, from our Designer for the Day contest....check out these budding fashionistas! Hanna - we loved your CANDY SHOP theme, too cute! Lolo, loved the pant detail and matching little halter. Alexa and Melissa - my fav was the wrap skirt!

A shout out to Tessa - her theme fit perfectly in with our design theme and concept for our Fall 2008 line and we will be incorporating some of her ideas from her "Fishing" themed submission. Way to go girl! You can collect your prize in Spring, as I know the sizing will fit you then!

Keep the designs coming - we always love to see them!

Fall Website Launch

We are excited to have launched our Fall 07 website with all the great new photos, testimonials and store locations. Thank you to all the parents who graciously offer up their beautiful children to take part in our photoshoots. They make all of this so fun! Big thanks to Stephanie (www.photographybystephanie.com) who makes my vision come true and Denise Miller (Fishbone) my amazing graphic designer and Ryan (Blue Bananas) for making it all come to life! I couldn't do it all with you guys. I love it!!

The Jepp Quadruplets in Calgary

Peekaboo Beans sent a goodie bag of stuff to the Jepp family in Calgary to congratulate them on the arrival of their identical QUADRUPLET girls! Dahlia, Calissa, Autumn and Brooke. The odds of having quadruplets is 1 in 22 million.

and I thought I was busy!! Congratulations and best of luck with your BUNDLES of joy!!

Shameless Peekaboo Beans Plug

We are always thrilled when we receive testimonials from people, so you can imagine we were ecstatic to receive a testimonial from Erica Ehm. Erica Ehm is one of Canada's most recognized personalities. Chosen to be the first female MuchMusic host, she became the voice of her generation. Since then Ehm has remained in the spotlight as her multi-faceted media career has blossomed in television, radio, film, theater, journalism, songwriting, music publishing and now founder of the Yummy Mummy Club.

“Traci’s designs are so cool I think she should be designing for yummy mummies as well as their kids. Both my son and daughter adore your collection. They look so groovy in their Peekaboos and I love how the clothes are made to move and can take a beating. Please make me some clothes now!! Erica Ehm

Thanks Erica for supporting our Canadian Company, Peekaboo Beans and for being the voice of my generation and for celebrating the new generation of "Yummy Mummy's".

Keep spreading the Yummy!! Don't forget to check out her site at www.yummymummyclub.ca

Best New Business of the Year

We are very excited to announce that Peekaboo Beans has been nominated for The Best New Business of the Year award by the City of Surrey. We will attend a formal banquet this November and could be accepting the award, "acedemy award" style - as described to me (and the winner is).....

Well and really, isn't it just another great excuse to buy a new dress.....

Buddha Bellies and Buggy Babies - KID YOGA

Peekaboo Beans and Buggy Babies Fitness, presents

"Buddha Bellies and Buggy Babies" Get Back To It at Back to School!

Peekaboo Beans Beans and Buggy Babies Fitness have joined together to promote the importance of creating positive physical, mental & social habits of our children starting at any early age. You can start by allowing your child to explore the magic of yoga. Let your child be active, stay calm and maintain focus while having fun and feeling comfortable with their bodies and their clothes.

When you sign your preschool aged child up for 'Kids Yoga' with Buggy Babies Fitness for Fall 2007, they will be entered into our special draw. You could win a 3 piece outfit from Peekaboo Beans Fall Line, boy or girl sizes 2 to 6. Enjoy a new shirt, pants and a hoodie!!! Combining Style with Substance!

For more info visit

Designer for a Day!

Thank you to all the little designers out there who submitted their designs for our "Designer for a Day" Contest! The submissions were adorable! We will be posting some of our favs online shortly and will announce our winner for some great Peekaboo Beans clothing next week! Stay tuned!

How Exciting

I was talking to Denise my trusted Graphic Designer, confidant and "business therapist" as I like to call her, not to mention - dear friend - ! I mentioned to her that I really needed to start a blog as so much happens everyday with the business, and I want to keep connected with everyone in the community - she said well then DO IT - now! So as I was chatting with her, I did and it took me all of 5 minutes! So here it is my very first blog. So after a very hectic day ahead of me, I shall fill you in on all the happenings of Peekaboo Beans! Stay tuned.....
Oh and Thanks Denise!!!