Spreading kindness with Magic Beans!

Since the Play Stylist opportunity came to life at Peekaboo Beans, we as a company have been amazed and overjoyed with the relationships that have formed - around friendship, family and community.  Our tribe has a strong voice and passion for helping others, locally and globally!  We have watched our Stylist Vine grow and we are beyond proud to be associated with a group women that see no limits! 
Building community through play  is one of our core values at Peekaboo Beans.  So now we are giving Mamas across the land the tools to make a direct impact in their communities and with the causes that live closest to our hearts.  We are here to support our growing Vine of Stylists as they carve out a path for Peekaboo Beans to live and grow as a positive force in our communities. 

Enter the Magic Beans Giveaway.  Peekaboo Beans will give an assortment of Peekaboo Beans and CiCi Bean clothing to donate to a good cause. The number of Magic Bean Bundles that will be donated will depend on the total sales amount of a Beans Soiree. So help make a difference and HOST a Bean Soiree in your home, at a park, or within your community. You purchase Beans for your Beans and then leave it to us to get beans to those who are in need. 

Together we can make this the biggest, ultimate, most wonderful love bomb!  Nothing can hold us back as we plant magical beans across the land. Think of all the organizations that can benefit from this: children's hospitals, families in need, youth shelters, and any philanthropic organization that helps children and tweens in need. 

We define success as being able to impact lives in a selfless positive way. Open your hearts and support communities, families and children in need, We will never truly understand the impact this will have on people who may wake up searching for their smile......

To Host a Peekaboo Beans Soiree please contact your local Independent Play Stylist. Or find a Play Stylist in your area by searching HERE

Lets start spreading the LOVE and bring smiles to all those sweet little Beans in need of a hug.

You wouldn't play in THAT!

Clothing is so much more than simply what we put on our bodies. It is what makes us feel good about ourselves, helps us define our personalities, and contributes to our uniqueness.  It makes us feel completely comfortable, or completely uncomfortable (if in the wrong clothing)...

Peekaboo Beans is here to spread the message for beans across the land: "let me play.”  Stats show that if given the chance, children would choose to play outside with their parents and friends 9 out of ten times, yet the staggering statistics show that children are spending on average 8 hours a day in front of media devices.

Our mission is to provide the ingredients for a playful life.  Children should be able to play free from stiff, restricting clothes.  Doesn't your kid deserve to look good without being held back? 

We have created a new platform of videos showing how ridiculous it looks doing an activity in the wrong clothing.  As adults, we know what is appropriate to wear for different activities, so why would we not do the same for our children?  Sometimes you just have to ask - would you play in that?

Run. Bounce. Play. Freely.

Check back for more videos to come!

We are having a playdate with Bobs and Lolo!

To purchase tickets click HERE

Peekaboo Beans and Bobs & LoLo are teaming up to present a super fun morning of PJ's, pancakes and PLAY in support of Playground Builders - a charitable organization building playgrounds for children in war torn areas.
Bring the entire family out for the fun! Sing, dance & play along to Bobs & LoLo's catchy tunes, enjoy a yummy breakfast of pancakes and do it all in the comfort of your pajamas. Please feel free to bring a blanket to put down for cozy pancake picnics and seating around the dance zone. Limited chair seating will also be available. Full proceeds from this special event support Playground Builders
Bobs & LoLo will perform at 10:30am. Come early or stick around after to meet the Treehouse TV stars in person. Stickers and high-fives for everyone! 

Or... would you like the VIPB service?  Enter for your chance to WIN!! Just post in our comments section what your Beans' favourite Bobs and Lolo song is and be automatically entered to WIN this fabulous VIPB prize!! 

Contest closes Thursday April 3rd, 2014 at 9pm. VIPB Prize will be awarded to one complete family, up to 6 family members. One entry per family. Winner will be announced on the Peekaboo Beans facebook page Friday morning, April 4th.