Fit Beans

Does your Bean like an audience?
Does your Bean like to strike a pose?
Does your Bean like to show off their teeth (or lack there of)?
And most importantly, does your Bean like to have FUN?
If you answered YES to these questions we would love to meet you and your adorable Beans! We are always looking for enthusiastic toddlers to participate in our Photo Shoots as well as our Fittings.

- The Teeny Tiny Print -
Juice Box, $1.00, Fishy Crackers, $3.00, Building Blocks, $50.00, Doll House $100.00, The experience of being a Fun PB Fit, priceless! And that is why we believe that the opportunity & positive experience are the best way to compensate your Beans for participating. We do not "pay" for our talent nor do we cover travel expenses or any related costs.

If your Bean participates in a PB photo shoot it is not a guarantee that the image(s) will be used in our catalogues/social media platforms.

The search is specifically for a PB size 4. Please ensure the measurements taken are as accurate as possible, following the guide provided & send to our Peekaboo Beans designers at

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