Playing Outside with Peekaboo Beans

Peekaboo Beans was born out of necessity. Why, when all children should really be doing is PLAYING - are the clothes they wear not designed for PLAY. Bunchy, pinchy, unfunctional, uncomfortable and not durable to top it all off?

My "ahha moment" and Peekaboo Beans was born.

As a Mom, Peekaboo Beans is my dream! Everyone has moments when they don't feel like the "perfect" mom, but when my girls go to their closets and pull out their beans and are playing in perfect comfort, ease and function (and looking so lovingly put together) - I do feel like a "good" Mom....

Top it all off it's Daddy Proof too :)

It just doesn't stop giving....

In my world, I am so blessed to have Peekaboo Beans part of my family ~ I hope you share that moment of "peace of mind" too :)

Lets PLAY outside

It is Lets Play Outside week at Peekaboo Beans.

Grab your PB Duds and get some fresh air!!

Check out the fabulous promotions this week for all those fabulous Playdates!

Mommy Brain Contest - Vote for your favorite!

Last week we ran the "mommy brain contest" and asked the moms to submit their best stories. We recieved so many entries through facebook and by email! Thank you to everyone who participated.

We want to share a few of our favorites with you. Please have a laugh with us and we'll use your votes and comments to help choose a winner of the $100 spa gift certificate.

Have fun!

1. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom and noticed my daughters bedroom door was open, odd, so I checked her crib and she wasn't there! After yelling "OH MY GOD" I remembered she was at grandma's!!!
~ Nicola Bradley Pridmore

2. In one week I headed home and forgot to pick up the baby from the Dayhome and the same week I went to work, got out of the van and the baby waved goodbye to me.......oops I forgot to drop him off.
~ Chantal Norris

3. Ava had just finished her swimming lesson. She was 4 years old and she was standing in front of me while I towel dried her hair. I had a newborn at home and was exhausted. I remembered having this panicked feeling come over me and while vigorously towel drying her little head, I called out "Ava, Ava where are you?" this little voice pops out from right in front of me "I'm right here mama, who do you think I am?" I was so embarrased. She still tells this story to people.
~ Amber Stankievech Hark

4. I was booked for a C sectiono at 8am. 8 hours prior to this event around midnight, nesting habits to the max takes over. Trying to prepare for the next morning, I remember that we need gas in the car. So I barrel out of the house while everyone is asleep to go get gas. I get to the station right at the stroke of midnight just as the place closed up. Nowhere else in Tsawwassen has an open gas station this late. Oh, but in my major relapse in judgement, I think...."I'll go get gas in Pt. Roberts, USA". I have my driver's license, that should be good enough, right!?!?
I drive up to the custom booth, and I do not have my passport. I don't know what I was thinking. Why wouldn't they let a hugely pregnant lady with the possibility of giving birth in the states without a passport go through? I still struggle to this day the rational of my ever so logical thinking. There I was, detained in the customs office at 1am with my huge tummy, just 7 hours before I was supposed to be on the operating table, and 4.5 hours before I was supposed to get up to go. I was just 20 blocks from home, an no one knew where I was...all this FOR GAS!
Happy to report, that my story did have a gloriously happy ending too. Baby boy, Prince William, 9lbs 1 oz @8:15am, just 6 hours after getting gas in the states.
~ Minta Sherritt

5. When I was pregnant I had some shirts to bring to work for my assistants daughter. I could not find them anywhere and went crazy looking.
One day a month later they were cleaning out the office fridge and a memo went out asking who was storing a bag of shirts in the fridge.
Somehow I brought the shirts all the way to work and put them in the fridge!
~ Christina Skolaude

6. Then, I went back to return the clicker to my neighbor and thank her for her help. Her daughter was visiting and asked me what my baby's name is. I told her Peyton. She said she loved that name and asked what her middle name is. I drew a blank. For the life of me, I could not remember my own daughter's middle name. I stumbled and stumbled...she asked if I was sure that she was my baby. How embarrassing! She asked if I could remember my other daughter's name and thankfully I could remember that - Olivia Madelyn. "At least you remember that one!" she said looking at me quizzically. I began to panic, desperately searching my mind for her name and worried that I was truly losing it. I was flushed, beet red in the face and thought that this woman must think I am out of my head! I apologized and told her that I have mommy brain and explained how overtired I was and walked away with my head down. It wasn't until I returned home, after wracking my brain for a while, that I remembered that her middle name comes from my husband's grandma - Eleanor.
~ Krista Waller

My Journey to Motherhood

I think at one point in my early life, I imagined that I would get married, have babies, live in the house with the white picket fence, and the sweet smell of freshly baked bread would waft from our home. Huh? Oh, how naivety is bliss!

My journey to becoming a Mom definately wasn't as easy as it was in my mind. Ten years of infertility, and enough in-vitro treatments that I lost count. At the time, it was all consuming as some may have experienced, or if not, you can imagine.

However, now I can look back on this experience and understand that although it was painful, it has given me the gift of gratitude, of joy, of love in the simplest purest form. I think it taught me to be more patient, more understanding, more empathetic. It also made me see a strength in myself that I might not have seen had we not gone through those challenges.

My life changed the moment that our little baby was born.

As I was chatting with someone today, I mentioned that that the experiences we go through make us who we are. Had I not gone through so much work to have our baby, I might not have enjoyed every single minute with Cailin through her early months and years, I might not have soaked up every smile, every giggle, every moment that I had with her and continue to, that I will carry in my heart forever.

That joy led me to create Peekaboo Beans, to create a product that focsued on play. To allow Cailin to play in comfort, in style and to empower her with all the life skills that play offers.

The world cannot be a better place if we do not take care of other families as well as our own, so I share Peekaboo Beans with you and all the joy that it brings your children. How it allows children to feel great, to feel special, to feel youthful and fun, to be COMFORTABLE, such a simple yet fundamental part of childhood.

I feel blessed for the challenges that have been presented to me in my life. They continually highlight what is important and what I am grateful for.

This week at Peekaboo Beans we celebrate you, Mommy. Mommies have a natural gift for making things better, for singing sorrows away, for kissing away "owies", for celebrating the big things and the little things, for understanding what your children need, for raising them in love and making a safe and fun environment for them to grow up in.

I am grateful to you all - because this is the world that my children will grow up in and their children will grow up in, and if they can meet your babies along the way, they can all work to make the world a better place together.

Don't forget to enter our contest this week - tell us your funniest "mommy brain" moment. Come on we have all had them!! Share and send us a laugh, you could win a delightful and blissful spa experience to take a bit of time for you!

You deserve it!