How it all began -
Traci's inspiration behind Peekaboo Beans was her daughter, Cailin, a miracle baby born through IVF in 2003. So the story began... how do you get a child to eat their vegetables? Play 'peekaboo' with their beans - Edamame beans to be specific! Wanting Cailin (and now Colbie - her second IVF miracle!) to play in comfort & still have a unique sense of style, Traci & her team designed a fresh, functional, fashion-forward line of play wear for both boys & girls.
Perfect for... play-date, play-ground, play-time.
It seems fitting that Traci's title is 'Director of Play' - as one of her most favorite pastimes is playing! What-ever her daughters dream up... whether it be dress up, tea party, dancing, reading or arts & crafts... that is what she does!
Traci oversees all aspects of creative design and product development of Peekaboo Beans, ensuring that every garment meets the vision of the company. She is responsible for the corporate strategy, sales, marketing, public relations & overall operations. She spent 15 years in the corporate world of merchant banking and after the birth of Cailin in 2003 decided to combine the solid business skills of her past with her more creative, playful side and thus Peekaboo Beans was formed in 2005.
Taking from her own experiences as a new mother, Traci created & designed Peekaboo Beans through the eyes of youngsters who are experiencing the world for the first time. Everything is new to a child; interesting, intriguing, challenging & sometimes overwhelming such as expressing the need for independence but also the need for attachment. Imagine making all these decisions for the first time - potty training, learning to dress, discovering colours - textures all the sights & sounds. there is no time in our life where we learn more, in fact, it is said that 90% of our learning is done before we are 5! So... comfort, style, ease of dressing, ease of coordination and safety are all combined to foster these elements within Peekaboo Beans. Not to mention, being a parent has new and endless challenges every day too and we understand this! No small snaps or buttons, easy necklines, reversible styles, mix & match, layering - these details all take the guess work out of the daily decisions of dressing making it a snap for parents to wrap their children in love with Peekaboo Beans play wear! Because, we know... it isn't easy dressing an octopus!
What things make Traci smile? the unquenchable curiosity & innocence of children, little bare bums & pure laughter. An extra hot latte, InStyle magazine and a comfy couch (must be combined together!), a day at the spa, check marks on her to-do list, a glass of wine & good conversation, a sleeping child, a crisp Fall morning, finding the perfect outfit or shoes and they HAVE your size, someone following their dreams - these are but a few! Her vision is to make a difference and to help bring happiness & balance to her life... she hopes to pass this on to parents everywhere.

providing the ingredients for playful life!

Peekaboo Beans... rooted in families everywhere, leaving a legacy of happy Human-beans.

Children ~ We value children as individuals, people with feelings and emotions.  We design a product through their eyes for what is best for them.
Quality ~ Dedication to a product and longevity for all our Peekaboo Beans family to enjoy.
Life tools ~ Commitment to provide parents with the tools that foster Independence, confidence and self-esteem for their growing beans.
Teamwork ~ Everyone has great ideas!  A team approach to all branches of the business is what makes Peekaboo Beans the success it is!
Community ~ A world where we are only successful if we are impacting families lives, other than our own.
Greatness ~ the WOW factor is what we strive for, everyday.
Change ~ We value change.  Growth is fun, exciting and scary all at the same time, we need to be "ok" with all of these emotions.