What is Pretty to you?

A conversation between my 7 year old daughter this Morning.

Cailin obviously at the age of 7 is becoming more self aware and is exposed to much more things now being in school full time.

Cailin "Mommy I bought a book about Taylor Swift at the book fair, because I like her and she has a good voice".

Me "That's cool honey".

Cailin "I think she wears too much makeup - her lipstick is really dark".

Me "she does wear a lot of makeup doesn't she"

Cailin "does Lipstick make her pretty?"

Me "it doesn't MAKE her pretty, it just makes her look glamorous"

Cailin "Well Glamorous and pretty are the same thing right"

(Hmmm me thinking, what do I say here - thinking positive role model - body image, her life flashing before my eyes as a teenager, grown women, self confidence, positive body image - eeeek too much pressure, ok relax breathe, just answer the question!)

Me "no they aren't the same thing honey, pretty is (okay now wheels are turning - how do you DEFINE pretty) pretty is beauty from the inside out, it is everything about a person - that makes them beautiful (hmmm maybe too deep?) , glamorous is getting all "fancied" up as she is a performer....

So I asked her, and I ask you - what does PRETTY mean to you? How do YOU define Pretty?

Childhood can be magical

I love holidays like today as it reminds me of how innocent childhood is. Last night was a evening affair of preparing for the Easter Bunny. The proper placement of the baskets, the coloring of the picture for "Him". The leaving of the carrots, washing, peeling and gently placing them out so the bunny would have energy to continue onwwards after leaving our home.

I find so much joy watching my daughters get lost in their imaginations and living in the space of pure freedom on thought. I am so envious of this. Can you imagine -literally? I assume this has to evolve as we age, otherwise we wouldn't beable to hold down jobs of responsibility, since daydreaming is not good on the resume.

I will cherish these moments, but it saddens me that this has to change as they get older.

So I challenge you (when it is safe) :) to simply get lost in your imagination, to dream as a child would dream, to play with your thoughts and let them run free.

I will see if I can get my Type A personality to enable me to do this, I think it must be the most freeing experience.

Supporting Families all around the world.

At Peekaboo Beans, not only are we passionate about PLAYING we continually strive to support the working mother. One, by creating a working environment within Peekaboo Beans that supports her and her Beans. No one misses a field trip on our team :)! So we are looking at other ways to support our global families. Have you heard of ...http://www.kiva.org/? KIVA is a non profit organization that lends money to people in third world countries to help grow their businesses, whether it be, a little farm market, a seamstress or a street vendor. Next time you place an online order with Peekaboo Beans add some of LILAHS SILLY BEANS to your cart and 100% off the proceeds will be used to lend money through KIVA.

One Bean At A Time....

I think pretty much, every day that presents itself to me, I have an abundance of gratitude. Even if it is a "bad" day, I see it as a learning opportunity for me. " I will ask myself what is this teaching me?"

So, what do I feel grateful for today? - Children, health, happiness, love, friendship, family, co-workers and the journey....

Peekaboo Beans has taken me on a journey that I would have NEVER expected. One that I have gained more understanding and strength from, that I have met the most amazing people, families and children from. One that has empowered me with a message of how important it is for us to be the pillar of strength for our children and allow them the space and freedom to grow through play.

It has taken me on a journey to provide a working environment that supports women and mothers. So that no one misses out on the precious moments of childhood.

I am afraid everyday at how the world is so quickly changing and that simple things are being lost.

So what do I have to say? Let kids play....simple as that...

Please continue on this journey with me and see how our garden can grow, and flourish....and change the world, one Bean at a time...

Playfully yours,


The Power of Play

The lifelong benefits of PLAY

Play connects us to others

Sharing joy, laughter and fun with others promotes bonding and strengthens a sense of community. We develop empathy, compassion, trust, and the capacity for intimacy through regular play.

Play fosters creativity, flexibility, and learning

Play is a doorway to learning. Play stimulates our imaginations, helping us adapt and solve problems. Play arouses curiosity, which leads to discovery and creativity. The components of play - curiosity, discovery, novelty, risk-taking, trial and error, pretense, games, social etiquette and other increasingly complex adaptive activities - are the same as the components of learning.

Play is an antidote to loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression

When we play vigorously, we trigger a mix of endorphins that lift our spirits and distractions that distance us from pain, fear and other burdens. And when we play with other people, with friends and strangers, we are reminded that we are not alone in this world. We can connect to others in delightful and meaningful ways that banish loneliness.

Play teaches us perseverance

The rewards of learning or mastering a new game teach us that perseverance is worthwhile. Perseverance is a trait necessary to healthy adulthood, and it is learned largely through play. Perseverance and violence are rarely found together.

Play makes us happy

Beyond all these excellent reasons for playing, there is simply the sheer joy of it. Play is a state of being that is happy and joyous. Jumping into and out of the world of play on a daily basis can preserve and nourish our own hearts, and the hearts of our communities.

From Helpguide.org