1,025 Magic Beans!

As of today, more than 1,025 Magic Beans have been donated to charities across Canada!  That is an average of 54 Magic Beans donated to charities, friends and families in need, every day this month! We cannot thank our amazing Play Stylist's and Hostesses enough!

Here are a few more stories we received this past week that are truly inspiring!

Michelle Campbell - 25 pieces
"I donated to a woman who is inspirational.  She is a 33 year old wife and mother of three amazing kids.  Right before her daughters 5th birthday, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  August 2014 was when my life changed forever.  The first thing I remember thinking is "I'm not ready to leave my kids."  A terrifying moment.  She is about to undergo a double mastectomy. She is over halfway through her treatment,   8 rounds of chemotherapy down.  She said she got through those challenging months with a lot of help from family and friends and is forever grateful for the support!  Breast Cancer, although difficult, has really shown her blessings in my life.

Her friend, Erinn, specifically had a Peekaboo Beans Soiree so that my family would be the recipient of the March Magic Beans.  She was very touched and grateful for the support! Whenever she sees her kids in their adorable clothes, she thinks of the kindness of her friends and of the Peekaboo Beans organization :-)"

Jennifer Kettlewell - 10 pieces
"My Beans will be donated to an auction in support if Children's Hospital Foundation. This was a self-hosted Soirée, and this is a charity close to my family's heart.

A few years ago, our 3 year old niece was diagnosed with Leukemia. After a gruelling 2.5 yr. treatment plan, she has now been cancer free for a year. Had it not been for the amazing team of doctors, nurses and researchers at BCCH, our niece and many other kids like her might not be here today. Our family supports this cause in a few ways, and these items to auction will be a great help!"

There is still plenty of time to host a Magic Bean Soiree this month. Contact your local Play Stylist for more information or to book your Soiree!

Find your local Play Stylist » http://bit.ly/17KXVIJ

PLAY-ducation - Making Sense of Anxiety

PLAY-ducation is BACK!

Anxiety for children is on a staggering rise. Help make sense of anxiety and learn how to support your child. We are honoured to work with the amazing Deborah MacNamara of the Neufeld Institute. She is a renowned speaker and educator. She is passionate and knowledgable and you will leave feeling empowered. Come learn, grow, and play with us this April 1st!

Entry is by donation. Proceeds will help us and Playground Builders build a playground in war torn countries.

RSVP today to play@peekaboobeans.com!

Giving Back Through Your Love Of Beans

We are two weeks into our Magic Beans Giveaway and we have received the most heartfelt stories about the Stylists and Hostesses who were able to give back to families in need or organizations that are close to their heart.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of these stories with you. Here is are two of those stories:

Michelle Campbell – Received 25 Magic Beans
Michelle was the Play Stylists for a recent soiree which qualified for 25 Magic Beans. Very thoughtfully, she donated them all to a wonderful lady who is a dear friend of the soiree hostess. Kim and her children received 25 Magic Beans with hopes of bringing some much needed sunshine to their day." Here's a copy of the email our Stylist Michelle received from Kim: 
"I am a 33 year old wife and mother of three amazing kids.  Right before my daughters 5th birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  August 2014 was when my life changed forever.  The first thing I remember thinking is "I'm not ready to leave my kids."  A terrifying moment.  I was having pain and heaviness in my breast and while I was on summer holidays I noticed a lump.  It grew at an alarming rate. Luckily I got into the Doctor ASAP and had a diagnosis within a week of being back from holidays.  I am writing this on the eve of my double mastectomy. Although I am nervous, it feels good to be over halfway through treatment.  I just finished 8 rounds of chemotherapy.  I got through those months with a lot of help from family and friends.  I will be forever grateful for the support!  Breast Cancer, although difficult, has really shown me a lot of blessings in my life.  I will be grateful for every birthday, and soak in every one of my kids smiles.  

My friend Erin, told me she was having a Peekaboo Beans Soiree and that she wanted my family to receive the March Magic Beans charity fundraiser. I was very touched and grateful for the support! Whenever I see my kids in their adorable clothes, I will think of the kindness of my friend and of the Peekaboo Beans organization.  It really brings a smile to my face during a difficult time in my life :-)" - Kim Pring

Dawn Link – Received 10 Magic Beans
"Any size 2 beans in my Magic Beans bundle will be going to Maggie Davis. Maggie is 2 years old and battling Neuroblastoma. Her momma is a friend of mine and a fellow teacher, and this little girl has been so much. Here's a bit of her story: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/maggie-kathryn-davis

I can't wait to give Maggie some bright and colourful Beans to match her bright personality! I just think the comfy beans will be so nice on her little body that has already been through so much. :) I also did a pay-per-entry on the Peekaboo Beans Facebook Vintage page and raised $100 to buy even more Beans to go with what comes in the bundle. 

The rest of the Beans will be going to Cara House. Cara House is a transition home located about an hour and a half from my hometown (Gander, NL), they help women escaping family violence and sometimes these women are only able to escape with their children and the clothes on their backs, so new beans will help them start fresh."

There are two weeks left to qualify for a Magic Beans Bundle! Host a Soiree with your local Play Stylist before March 31st and you could plant some Magic Beans in your community and bring a smile to those faces for deserve it.

Find out how to qualify HERE.

Spring Break Play Challenge | It's time to PLAY!

Spring Break has started for many families and we have been having some beautiful weather in Vancouver, BC, so what better time to get back to PLAY!

Peekaboo Beans is continually on a mission to bring back play into the lives of our future generations. We cannot stress enough the importance that play has on the well-being of our children. This is how our children find out there interests, acquire and practice their social skills, learn to take risks, practice independence and solve problems, and SO much more. Play is a necessity for our children!

So, this Spring Break we encourage you and your family to take the Spring Break PLAY Challenge and embrace the opportunity to connect and experience some FUN adventures with your Beans!

Challenge Instructions: Print off a copy of the Spring Break PLAY Challenge, post to your fridge, bulletin board or anywhere that is easily accessible for you and see how many of these fun activities you can accomplish!  Check them off as you go and feel free to update us with any summaries of your adventures.  Share with us your stories, which ones your kids enjoyed the most, how did you make each activity your own?  Whatever you want to say, we would love to hear!  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time you will spend with your family!   Now get out there and PLAY!  Post photos of your BEANS at PLAY on social media and tag us @peekaboobeans and by using our hashtag #playingwithpb.

Happy Playing!

Magic Beans is Back!

Last March we introduced the Magic Beans Giveaway as our way of supporting mama's across the land to give back to their communities and to causes or charities that meant something to them. Because last March was such a success with over 400 Beans given to kids who can now play comfortably, Magic Beans is back! 

How does it work?

For the entire month of March, when you host a Soiree with at least $500 in sales, you will qualify for our Magic Beans Giveaway! Peekaboo Beans will give an assortment of Peekaboo Beans and CiCi Bean clothing to donate to a good cause for those Soiree's that qualify. The number of Magic Bean Bundles that will be donated will depend on the total sales amount. This is an amazing opportunity to give to those who deserve an extra special love bomb. So help make a difference and HOST a Bean Soiree in your home, at a park, or within your community.

Together we can make this year even bigger than last year! There are so many organizations that could benefit from some a Magic Beans Bundle: children's hospitals, families in need, youth shelters, and any philanthropic organization that helps children and tweens in need. Let's plant some magic beans in your community and give back to those who deserve it!

To HOST a Peekaboo Beans Soiree, please contact your local Independent Play Stylist or find a Play Stylist in your area by searching HERE.