Mission Accomplished!

We would like to thank and acknowledge your support of our 'Mommies on a Mission' campaign - it was a huge success! 

We are beyond thrilled to share that we are officially building a playground in Afghanistan for 1,000 children! Our friends at Playground Builders boarded their flight to Afghanistan late last night and will immediately start construction on our newly funded playground as early as next week. 
With your help, we were able to sell 700 Mommy Beans 'Reminder To Play' sets in just 23 days! In order to raise the required $8,000 in funds to build the playground, our goal was to sell 1,000 'Reminder to Play' sets.  While we fell just short of our goal, Peekaboo Beans is pleased to announce that we will cover the remaining cost required to build this much-needed playground!
We are so excited to make a positive change in the lives of hundreds of children and we could not have done it without your help.  It's incredible to see what can happen when 'Mommies Are On a Mission! ' 

Thank you again for all of your love and support.


There is often no safe place for children to play in many war-torn communities. Most have never experienced the joy of a swing or the thrill of a slide. Playground Builders is dedicated to building hope and peace through the gift of play. The need for safe play areas around the world is overwhelming. Often the hardest part of what they do is selecting which projects to support.

At any given time, Playground Builders has numerous proposals for play areas in need of funding. Unfortunately, without the necessary resources, they can't address them all. At this time, they are focusing their efforts on the war-torn areas of the Middle East, specifically Iraq, the Palestinian Territories and Afghanistan. The need in these areas is great. As an example, in the eastern province of Afghanistan, Herat, there are approximately 780 schools in need of playgrounds.  Imagine.... children living their daily lives without a safe place to simply play

Playground Builders has established an innovative, cost effective, time efficient and safe model for building and installing their playgrounds. They use a generic playground design and local construction, based on a competitive value bid system.  The building process commonly takes 6 to 10 weeks from site determination to installation depending on the time of year, level of conflict in the surrounding areas and material availability. 
With our 'Mommies On A Mission' campaign, we are thrilled to have raised enough funds to build a playground, and support Playground Builders' mission to bring PLAY back into the lives of children who need it the most

High fives all around.... WE DID IT!!  Below is the actual site that our much needed playground will be built. We will provide you all with periodic updates on the building and completion of YOUR playground!

"We know it's not about the number. It's about the value of just 1 child experiencing joy. We are quickly closing in on 500, 000 kids playing on the 194 playground we've built to date. Can you imagine how many laughs and friendships and... well, wow. Just wow." - Playground Builders

6 Days Left

Our Mommies on a Mission campaign has been a great success so far! 

To date, we have sold over 300 ‘Reminder to Play’ sets and have raised $2,731 toward building a playground in Afghanistan. Our campaign finishes on June 17th, so you still have time to help build a playground for children in need of a safe place to play.

The ‘Reminder to Play’ set is a special limited-edition design from Peekaboo Beans made just for women. The design team worked hard to come with a universally flattering design that fits all unique body types. The ‘Reminder to Play’ jacket features toggles on the inside that enable you to cinch in the waist, or leave loose. The back of the jacket covers your bottom and the front sits perfectly at the bottom of your hips. Also featured are deep pockets and thumbholes to provide comfort and warmth. 

The ‘Reminder to Play’ leggings are made to have you feel controlled and comfortable at the waist without digging in. The unique cuff at the bottom of the ankle lets you change up your style.

Our fit models loved trying on the garments, commenting on comfort and unique features such as the polka dot details inside the hood of the jacket. A favourite aspect of the jacket is the quote inside that will remind you every day that play nourishes your mind and body – both children and parents.

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