Join together to help our friends in need...

My name is Traci Costa and I am hoping you can help our dear friends. My husband Brad has been long time friends with Jeff (Pereira) since they were young boys. Jeff was in our wedding party and Brad in his. We have shared the joys of life as Jeff got married to the lovely Chandra and were blessed with their two beautiful babies. It deeply saddens me to the core to that they are faced with the tragedy of a losing their precious Logan and as of July 8th, Jeffrey's mother Jeannine. I have seen so much love and prayer for them on Chandra’s Facebook page and we are all struggling with how we can help them out. I am hoping that many of you will help in our goal to support their family during this difficult time. I have set up an account in memory of sweet Logan and Jeannine. If you would like to contribute any amount of money, big or small, so that they can use these funds for whatever they need to get through this devastation. This might be bereavement counseling, some time off needed to heal or a bench or monument in the name of Logan and his wonderful Grandmother, Jeannine. Please don’t feel you need to, but if you would like, I am sure it will help. The power of all us together could help them through this difficult time. Even if you did not know them, I hope you will consider a small donation, even $5.00 or $10.00 possibly in the name of your little loved ones.

I have created a Pay Pal donation centre where you can easily log into and make any sum of payment via credit card. When I transfer funds to the Pereira’s, I will make note of your contribution and a name you wish this to be on behalf of.

Here is the link...

Thank you so much for your generosity, I know it won’t go unnoticed.

With love and prayers,

Traci Costa

PS: Here is an online news article on the terrible tragedy -