Its more than just a box.

It's an exciting time for Peekaboo Beans as we have worked hard to change the way we package our shipped goodies to those "Bean in waiting VIPBs" with the good and important intention of becoming more "green". So a big KUDOS to us as our "PB green team" came up with some excellent playful ideas which has resulted in recently converting our packages from an excess of tissue, cellophane, ribbon, and branded boxes to a more simpler and earth friendly presentation.  Have a look see... 

No more branded boxes, no more ribbon, no more nasty cellophane and no more tissue!!  All you get now is a simple clean kraft box adorned with our new "We are Bean Green" sticker.  We came up with is concept of removing our branding from the box because we ended up seeing the box in a whole new light!  It's now just a box, it's a toy, it's a craft project, it's creativity awaiting to happen!! 

As we are all about PLAY here at Peekaboo Beans we couldn't be more than thrilled to not only offer your PB goodies to you in a new, sharp clean package but now there is a million possibilities for your little Beans awaiting to be created! 

Having your little Beans involved in creative activities is fun and absorbing for them. Evidence suggests that it helps children to have positive experiences and develop important characteristics and abilities such as:

Appreciation of different ways of looking at the world
Collaboration – being keen to work together as a team
Communication – developing better communication through talking, listening, writing or pictures
Concentration – focusing on what they are doing
Developing good relationships – working together and making new friends
Discipline – developing self-control through a requirement to practice (for example: some artistic activities, such as playing a musical instrument, need practice)
Emotional intelligence – being able to express emotions
Empathy – understanding what it can feel like being someone else (particularly through role play drama activities)
Imagination – bringing ideas to life and adding excitement to their world
Independence of thought – discovering things for themselves
Interaction – being involved in a group and having peer support
Intrinsic motivation – participating in something for pleasure rather than external reward, so wanting to do it for themselves
Language – increasing vocabulary, reading and writing skills
Open-mindedness – being open to new ideas
Physical activity – participating in activities that encourage movement
Positive emotion – having fun and enjoying what they are doing
Problem-solving – being able to explore different solutions.

These characteristics and abilities have been shown to lead to: 

  • A sense of purpose
  • Achievement
  • Confidence
  • Development of strengths, talents and interest
  • High aspirations
  • Self-respect
  • Sense of belonging

These outcomes are what flourishing is all about.  And not to mention how much FUN it is to be creative for both Beans and parents!! 

To get inspired we have included our FAVE creative picks from our Pinterest Cardboard Play board: