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The Importance of Play

This is a facinating look into the importance of play in our childrens lives. Take some time to listen to it and learn more - also pointing out that play is not only important for kids but for adults too -

Love your Planet

Return your old Peekaboo Beans duds to our offices and we will donate them to a local shelter and give you $10 worth of playmoney to use at participating retailers!

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Peekaboo Beans is featured on for top 20 Spring Finds for your little trendsetter! Check out the fashionable and fun - Island Style Dress


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In our first spring fling fashion feature we introduced you to some new lines we love and now, in part two, we’re revisiting (appropriately) two of our old favourites who have new offerings:

We’ve found kids’ clothes from Peekaboo Beans to be remarkably hard-wearing. Plus we appreciate that they’re easy on and off, wash and wear and their designs and fabric take the needs of both mums and kids into account.

Designed in Vancouver with a focus on playwear, they’ve been gathering steam for awhile now and we’re particularly smitten with their ocean-inspired Spring 2010 line. For girls they’re throwing a “seashore soiree”– think mermaid pants, luau skirts and sea urchin hoodies. Their “wave rider” line for little lads combines great blues, greens and grays into comfy hoodies, tanks and hang loose tees.

Alas, you can’t see the full collection online, instead you need to view it via PDF but it’s already popping up in stores across Canada. We also like that the hang tag for each item can be reused as a bookmark and includes a Dr. Seuss quote. What’s not to like about mixing and matching playtime clothes and literacy?

Alas, no matter how adjustable the waistband of some kids’ pants are, for particularly weedy tots (and we know a remarkable number of them), you simply can’t get them to stay up. Which is where Cinch Belts from Bugalug come in handy.

But unlike the barrettes and headbands Bugalug’s know for, these belts offer stay up, reversible, two-in-one style for boys and girls. For boys it’s a cinch up with skulls, checkers and flames, while girls can accessorize with flowers, butterflies and (our personal ‘80s throwback favourite) argyle.

The built in elastic marries form with function to keep your little one’s pants in place and the simple snap closure is pretty easy to do and undo. The only time we wouldn’t recommend belting up with one of these is if your little one is potty training as who needs to add any extra steps and snaps into that process?

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