Dreaming of Beans!

With the exciting launch of our new Spring collection, Endless Summer, decision making is going to be the toughest part in this whole Bean buying process!!  With so many gorgeous and playful pieces becoming available this Friday, March 1st, we want to help you get started with laying it all out and deciding what your Spring must-haves will be.  Print our Endless Summer Wish List and don't forget to bring it with your to your upcoming Beans Soiree and have your Stylist help you make those final decisions.  We love that Spring is in the air!!
Print your Spring Wish List HERE
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Paperdolls in our spring attire.

One of the things I love to do most with my wee beans is to sit, color, cut and dress. There is nothing more therapeutic than the simple act of see beautiful colors pop from a clean white page, especially when all that color gets encased in cute little fine line drawings! 
Today, we are sharing the latest addition to our Peekaboo Beans paper doll collection.  Print yours HERE, just for you and your beans! 


CiCi Bean's Endless Summer!

Happy Sunday everyone! Finally, we are letting the cat outta the bag and are so proud to bring you the first peek at our Spring CiCi Bean Collection, Endless Summer. So, here is your official first look at the Spring 2013 catalog!

The theme of the CiCi Bean Spring/Summer 2013 collection is Endless Summer! The inspiration came from our memories of childhood summers. You remember the kind…where each day is filled with sun and warmth and the summer seems to last forever. There was nothing more fun than getting on your bike and riding to your best friend’s house, spending the day laying in the grass watching the clouds, laughing and talking for hours! Endless summer is all about enjoying the beautiful weather and the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and opening your heart to store the memories made!

So fresh, so pretty, so fun!

Welcome to Endless Summer...

We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves!! Today, we are thrilled to bring you your first look at the Peekaboo Beans Spring 2013 Collection, Endless Summer which will be available in 12 short sleeps... March 1st.

Channel your inner surfer-dude and beachy keen Bean this season! When you are a kid Summer nights seem to last forever; a time where friends come together to laugh, giggle, and play until the stars shine bright at night. Beach side campfires, sandy toes, warm breezes, and sun-kissed skin are memories that linger long after those endless Summer nights are gone.

The Peekaboo Beans “Endless Summer” collection will have you recalling memories of long hot days, building sandcastles, and digging the deepest hole in the sand that you thought would lead you to the other side of the world! Or, the times when you would bury Dad in the sand, watching the tide roll up around him and giggling all the while. This seasons fabrics are reflective of hippie tie-dye, but are made modern with flourishes of hibiscus, peace, and love all channelling through. The collection features punches of colour that shine bright with the grounding warmth of natural, beachy hues. The Peekaboo Beans Spring/Summer 2013 collection has that California beach vibe, reminiscent of days spent skim boarding, riding big waves, running barefoot in the sand, and flying kites along the shore; truly a special time where kids can just be kids.

Enjoy your first peek of Spring...

Stay tuned, as tomorrow will will bring you your first look at the gorgeous and playful CiCi Bean Spring Collection.

Silly moments from the Playground staff

This month our staff at the Peekaboo Beans Playground (that's our head office if you haven't figured it out by now) created a little game of anonymously sharing embarrassing or silly moments that occurred in our lives within the past month.  We found this was a great way to not take ourselves so seriously, to have fun, strengthen our bond and create community within our 4 Playground walls. Some of these confessions had many us rolling on the floor with laughter so we figured why not share our imperfections and crazy moments with you all...


I had a 3 year old tell me my butt stinks.
I wiped out in the parking lot in front of my daughters future school.
Going down into the splits in front of an entire class and not being able to get up.
Watch my best friend get a rather inappropriate male lap dance.
I got my silly on one weekend and ended up at Terynn's house with my lunch box full of diet Pepsi and rye, in my Tupperware container to help sell some vintage beans!
My cat started taking an interest in watching Oasis nature shows and hockey.
My hamster got loose in the house mysteriously and got behind the drywall and ran around in our ceiling. Then the next day was found sitting beside it's cage, high up on a shelf waiting to get in.
I tried to pay with a 20 pound note, in Canada.
Answering "Beyonce" to the question... Do you know who's playing at the Super Bowl?
I couldn't open the door to an all night diner FULL of people.  A lot of people could see me. LOL!
I got showed up by my Dad in a hot yoga class.  It was his first time, and I was the one dying on the floor. 
First, the coin toss came up heads. Then, Joe Flacco threw a pass that was under 9.5 yards.  Then, the first punt of the game was over 48.5 yards. Lastly, there was no score in the first 4 minutes of the second quarter. This series of events led to me winning money.  Isn't that crazy!  I think it is.  (We think it was pretty obvious as to who this one happened to!!)


Seeking new buddies for our Playground

Calling all future Playground Buddies! We have a new position available on our team at the Peekaboo Beans Playground and thought how fun it would be to offer these opportunities to our favorite Peekaboo Beans fans!
Stylist Manager – Full-time
Peekaboo Beans
The Peekaboo Beans playground, located in Richmond, has a unique and special working environment with a family first philosophy. We provide the ingredients for a playful life by designing playwear that is completely functional, totally fashionable and enables children to play in complete comfort and style. It is a vine like no other, as we support and promote a work life balance for moms.
Reporting to the General Manager, the Stylist’s main responsibility is the management of the Peekaboo Beans direct sales force. The position requires a motivated, financially-minded incumbent to oversee the direct sales management, marketing and communication strategies and manage the recruitment function for sales reps. Typical job tasks include:
  • Liasoning between playground and field
  • Setting goals with, motivating and leading Stylists.
  • Creating sales forecasts.
  • Providing training support.
  • Providing recruitment support
  • Managing the Online Playroom.
  • Coordinating direct selling marketing research.
  • Creating business tools.
  • Two (2) years experience in direct sales management required. 
  • Experience in accounting, marketing, and staff supervision an asset.
  • Strong computer skills in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Hours of work are 32 to 40 per week, with a minimum of four working days per week.
Closing date: FEBRUARY 18, 2013
Please e-mail resume & cover letter to:

Playful Beans and the meaning of LOVE

Ever wonder what the little Beans are thinking when the subject of LOVE comes up?  In their world, what does "LOVE" mean? Ever wonder? We certainly did, so... we asked our Beans. So we would like to share with you, straight from the mouths of the beautiful Beans of our Play Stylists and Playground staff, what LOVE means to them: 

Jax, age 7
To care about someone.
Peyton, age 4
To kiss someone and want them to live forever.
Breanna, age 9
Oh gosh. Ummm, happiness. Fun. Creative.
Ethan, age 5
It's when you have a girlfriend and you go to a restaurant and kiss and then have a baby and then another baby.
Cannen, age 3
Love is when you get a hug and a kiss.
Teaghan, age 7
Kerlinda, age 7
Love is caring for people.  Love is for thankfulness and loving the things you have.
Aiyana, age 5
Being kind, caring and a good person.
Carys, age 2
Love YOU!!

Mieka, age 3
Love means, I love you.

Raine, age 4
Love is happy!!! (he also says he loves his angry birds oh and his baby sister Sterling and you too Maman!)

Lily, age 7
Love is like when you like someone really much.  And kiss too.

Cohen, age 5
Love is "a really good mama snuggle".

Eva, age 3
I love YOU! 

What a bunch of super smart kids!  Be sure to give your Beans extra special hugs this Valentines Day!

The girls (and boy - yes, the "big bag of chips") at Peekaboo Beans created a list of things that they would LOOOOOVEE to receive as a gift on Valentine's Day. So we are sharing it with you - and who knows what will happen if you JUST "happen" to leave it lying around for your better half (or Beans) to see after you've checked off your favorites! We also added 3 extra spots to add your own goodies!
Get your printable PDF Valentine's "If only i had..." list HERE

Valentine's Day Crafternoon

Get out your hearts, glitter, construction paper, scissors, yarn and chocolates and get ready to have a weekend filled with Valentines crafting!!  We've chosen our Valentine Faves from our the Peekaboo Beans Pinterest board to make it easy for you to decide which crafts are the best ones to do with your Beans!  Find all the links to these on our Valentine's Day Pinterest board HERE.
Have a wonderful crafternoon and feel free to share your creations with us! 


The Power of Play

One of our lovely Peekaboo Beans Play Stylists contacted us at the Playground and shared this amazing story of her child's courage, inner strength and resilience, which came about just from the simple act of PLAY in a very uncomfortable situation.  It bought tears to our eyes, and we hope that you'll gain just as much from it as we did.  Truly, truly amazing, and reinforces that children NEED to play in order to become happy healthy human beans! 
The Power of Play Testimonial.....
I've recently discovered a passion for "play" and realized how it is so important, and wanted to share my experience....my son was medivaced to the stollery (children's hospital) last week with a problem in his bowels that required immediate attention. We were lucky and surgery was avoided but along the way he had to experience a horrible procedure and lots of pain.
When he woke up post procedure he had a big smile for me and started to play right away with his cars. I can't imagine being an adult wanting to play after experiencing that amount of pain! But he was truly happy to drive his dinky cars over the hospital bed. Later on in the surgery unit I took him to the play room. He moved his IV pole around the room like a pro to "play"!! In that short amount of time he found so much joy with all these toys and forgot where he was and why. (Yes I cried!).
I've never been so amazed by how resilient little kids are and how just a simple thing as playing could be so important! Now I know.
-- A Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist
Find out more about the Peekaboo Beans Play Revolution HERE

A Valentines surprise for you!

From us to you this Valentines Day... we've created a super cute printable Valentines Card of Jack and Lilah Bean.  Print the double sided PDF  and then just sign, cut and hand out to friends at school, at the playground, in your neighbourhood, to your family members and family or anywhere your Beans want to spread the love!
Download your PDF copies HERE