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Ever wonder who exactly our "Play Expert" is? I know, she's been posting here on our blog for months with her much read Play Posts and we have been selfishly keeping her under wraps and all to ourselves. So we thought there is no better time than to finally get you to meet her and find out a little more about Andrea's life, work and passions.
We are happy to introduce you to the lovely Andrea, PBPE (Peekaboo Beans Play Expert!)...
Exactly who is our Play Expert? Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m excited to be your PeekabBoo Beans Play Expert. As a mom, child therapist and humanitarian I’m committed to providing opportunities to play for children of all ages and cultures.
What is your official title? I am a Clinical Counsellor (MA, CCC) and I love my job! Through my private practice A Child’s Song I offer Education, Consultation and Therapeutic Services for children and families. I have the opportunity every day to work with parents and children helping them to strengthen their relationships with each other. One of my most effective therapeutic tools is PLAY and I look forward to sharing with you how play can enhance relationships.
What's defines you as our Play Expert? When I’m not working I’m most often referred to as Kerlinda’s mom! My daughter is seven years old and a bundle of energy and joy. She was born in Haiti and came to Canada at twenty months through adoption. I made a choice to adopt as a single parent and it has been the most incredible journey.
As a result of my love for Kerlinda, improving the lives of orphaned Haitian children has become my passion. I’m thrilled to be part of an exciting project this spring to train orphanage nannies in Haiti how to meet the emotional and psychological needs of the children they care for. I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you I intend to accomplish this by teaching the nannies how to PLAY with children.
What does PLAY mean to you? For me it is the essence of the work I do with children and families. Play is the key to my success in helping parents and children connect with each other in a more meaningful way. It is also one of the ways I am able to engage and connect with my own daughter.
What did you have to conquer in order to fulfill a dream you had? My life dream has always been to create change for children who are living in poverty. I knew from the time I was a teenage that working in a third world orphanage was in my future. I think intuitively I knew that I needed to complete my education in order to have the social power required to make the changes I envisioned. Having to stay focused and complete my Master’s was what I had to conquer in order to do what I am passionate about.
Who is one person you look up to or are inspired by and why? I am most inspired by my daughter. She has had to overcome unbelievable challenges just to be where most of her peers are. She spent her first seventeen months living in an orphanage and experienced both physical and emotional deprivation. I watch the way she has had to overcome the emotional scars of her early childhood and I am amazed by her bravery and depth of understanding.
What possession do you cherish the most? This would definitely be my photo albums. They are irreplaceable!
Is there a special tradition you share with your children? Kerlinda and I celebrate‘Family Day’ every year on May 11. This is the date that her adoption was finalized and so we celebrate it as the day we became a family. If it happens to fall on a weekday I take the day off work and Kerlinda is off school. She chooses the activity and we spend the day just being together and doing something we enjoy. We both look forward to it and the day is always planned in detail long before it arrives!
What spot in your neighbourhood if your favourite place to go? There is a little café just a few minutes away that faces the beach. It has outdoor seating that offers a beautiful view of the ocean. The family that owns Watts Cooking makes the most amazing baked goods. My cup of tea, a home baked muffin and a good book is the perfect way to relax.
What kind of house do you live in? And what do you like best about living there? We live in a small rancher home with a big backyard in a quiet neighbourhood. I love that the house is old and has a ton of character. The old wood floors and doorbell chimes give it a homey feeling. I would have to say though that the backyard is the best part. It has a big tree that is home to a squirrel my daughter has named and many beautiful little birds.
Can you share with us your favorite recipe, websites or local shops? I don’t really enjoy cooking but baking is something my daughter and I enjoy doing together regularly. I am a big fan of the http://allrecipes.com/. It is my go to for simple baking recipes. And I love to shop for vintage items. I’m forever collecting old castaway furniture pieces and promising to refinish them. Some of them are lovely additions to our home and others are still in the garage waiting for some attention!
What's one thing you always look forward to? Hugs and kisses in the morning from my daughter. With that and a good cup of tea I’m ready for whatever the day will bring.
What legacy would you like to build for you and your life or family? I want to offer my child the opportunity to see the world beyond our quiet little neighbourhood. I hope that by modelling a lifestyle of humanitarian work she will develop her own ideas of creating change in the world.
Likes: chocolate, wine, hot sunny weather and hugs
Dislikes: housecleaning, paperwork and rain!
Find out more about Andrea, her team, her missions to Haiti and her private services on A Child Song

Paying it forward with compliments

There is no better feeling than making someone else smile!  It's such a simple act, but we find that in this day and age, perhaps it's not done quite often enough.  So let us help you spread some love and joy, with CiCi Bean's printable compliments. 
Just print, cut, fold and give to someone who is special to you. And don't stop there, why not give one to a friend or family member secretly, or a random stranger on the street in need of a smile.
It doesn't take much to spread the love and pay it forward.

Download your printable PDF version HERE

And don't forget to visit the CiCi Bean blog, Let Your Heart be your Guide, for more fun and playful printables!

Everyone needs some FUNdamentals!

After working on this very special & FUN collection for more than 18 months, we are soooo excited to finally share all the details with you today!  

So, what exactly are the FUNdamentals all about?  Aside from an amazing comfort and style, this collection will become a staple in your Bean's closet for years to come. Created with the fabulous design details our seasonal collections embrace, this new collection consists of FUN basics that incorporate everything Peekaboo Beans is about, but with simple colors, and simple lines... perfect for everyday and to mix and match with other collections from your closet. 

Inspired by the need for a grouping which would bridge our fashion collections, sprouting up throughout the year, the FUNdamentals collection offers our BEAN-efactors key pieces in true Peekaboo Beans style. The FUNdamentals collection incorporates all the fabulous design details that our Beans embrace, such as rich quality fabrics, easy zippers, chin guards, cozy relaxed styles, thumb holes and functional drawstrings to accommodate little waists! This collection will be your staple closet favourite, perfect for playground, play dates and play-time! The FUNdamentals are available in an array of colours that will mix and match perfectly, while complimenting our fashion collections. These playful styles will be your connecting styles and colours, bridging collections season after season.  Have a peek at our catalog below and let us know what you think.... 

What everyone is saying...

Over the last few weeks we've been keeping our ears open and have heard some playful feedback floating around the Playground from our Play Stylists. They have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of trying out this new collection a week before our launch date and here's a few of the comments we've   collected: 

Janelle B. - 
I know everyone's been oohing and awwing about their Fundamentals for days, so I apologize if this has been said... but I just got mine today, and I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the quality and design of this collection!!! It's amazing. And the mini catalogues are fantastic - really shows off the clothes nicely and is a great size. Soooo excited!!!

Traci C. - 
We ARE LOVING ours! So great to mix and match in with everyday pieces.

Nicky M. -
I am wondering if there is now a need to shop anywhere else?????

Lisa V. -
Love the black hoodie! Both my kids are getting one! Maybe then I won't hover when they eat wearing their beans lol. I'm in love! Tried some pieces on my daughter now she won't take them off. Guess they r hers now.

Jenny M. -
I love the simplicity and how well it will mix and match with current, past and future collections! Definitely going to be a staple in our home! 

Nicole T. - 
Exciting day here! Just got my FUNdamentals - woot woot, going to do a final walk through of our new house this afternoon, and sign papers at the lawyers for the sale of our house and the purchase of our new place!! Yes, getting my FUNdamentals are up there with moving into a new house LOL!!

Nona A. -
My FUNdamentals arrived today and even though I ordered one of the kits my kids immediately laid claim to most (if not all) of the pieces that arrived. Of course I was expecting to love it but once again I am in awe of the innovation of PB's design team. I was telling my sister today about the launch and she said "isn't it just plain tees and leggings?" Yes, but so much more. It has the ability to completely transform your Bean's PB wardrobe. So impressed and so proud to be part of this company!

Trisha H. - 
From what I have seen, the quality, versatility, playful & clean, fresh styles and colors, have once again totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you PB I’m overflowing with excitement for this collection to launch eeeekkk!!! Okay must put catalogue down! LOL!!

Jen D. -
We are going to have so much FUN with this line, it goes with everything!

Sarah P. -
The FUNdamentals are what is missing from your beans wardrobe! The comfort and versatility of the collection is just what we need

So as launch day comes and goes, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to email us your comments on the new FUNdamentals collection to feedback@peekaboobeans.com.  

Oh and the big question... where can you get yours? Easy, we have 2 ways to shop! 
Visit the Peekaboo Beans website and shop On-Vine from our store
Get in touch with one of our wonderful Play Stylists in your area for a FUN, playful and personalized way to shop.  Visit our website HERE to find a Stylist in your area. 

Benefits of old-fashioned play

Benefits of Old Fashioned Play
Do you remember coming home from school, throwing aside your school bag and heading outside with neighborhood friends to play before dinner? I certainly do. We covered a lot of ground on bikes, found hiding spots in each other’s yards and imagined great themes to entertain ourselves for hours.  Our parents didn’t even realize what profound impact this play time had on our developing brains, socialization or physical health.

This type of play doesn’t seem as readily available to our children as it was to us. Particularly as the weather shifts there is a greater chance that our kids will experience more screen time and sedentary activities.  The activities our children have access to seem to be increasingly more  structured and directed. Screen time activities and independent play don’t provide the traditional lessons of play.

So, what is Old Fashioned Play and why is it so important for our children? Old Fashioned Play is often outdoors, includes physical movement as well as imagination. It involves children interacting with natural materials such as water, dirt, rocks, wood and grass. Other traditional and potentially indoor forms of play are dressing up household clothing, making forts and and using natural or household items for crafting. Within this play, children make their own decisions, imagine their own themes and negotiate their own rules.

Old Fashioned Play has specific and important benefits for children. The most significant being the development of a child’s executive functioning which is responsible for good problem solving, decision making and emotional management skills. In my experience working with children, their level of executive functioning is actually a better predictor of school success than intelligence. Old Fashioned Play also provides the necessary exercise for healthy physical development disguised as fun. The socialization that occurs during Old Fashioned Play is also important as it teaches children how to resolve problems amongst themselves, negotiate and imagine collectively.

Over the next few months, when you are planning playdates or what your child might do for the weekend, consider the benefits of Old Fashioned Play and open up opportunities in your home and neighbourhood for your child to experience this type of play.  

Visit our Play Quotes page for more inspiring play images and join Peekaboo Beans on our Play Revolution. 

A Playdate at the Playground

There's not many things in this world better than seeing children with smiles on their faces and enjoying the simple act of play.  So we at the Playground were more than happy when we had a little impromptu playdate with a whole bunch of our Peekaboo Bean fans at our offices. We were joined by fabulous ladies from our Beanaholics Facebook page, along with a few lovely ladies from who are active sellers and buyers from the Vintage Beans Facebook page.  Together, with all our Beans, we had a wonderful afternoon playdate filled with first-time greetings, laughter, giggles, playtime, pizza and snacks galore!
This was such a wonderful opportunity to see our products in action, first hand on the customers themselves, the little Beans, busy jumping, tumbling socializing, make-believing... playing!  And many of these little Beans were dressed in PB's from seasons and seasons ago. Its so amazing to see how our product has held up from years of washing, wear and tear, and being passed down between the hands of older Beans to the younger Beans. 
This is such an amazing community of people, of Peekaboo Beans lovers, and of followers. By getting to see the affect we have had on mothers, fathers, and most importantly, children's lives first hand is incredible.  We love that we create a product that kids love to wear, love to play in, and feel proud that they are given the independence and confidence with our clothing to be who they are and to be comfortable with themselves so they can ultimately focus on what's most important for them.... which is PLAY! 
Such a wonderful community and we are so proud to be a part of your everyday.  Thank you for allowing Peekaboo Beans into your family's homes and lives, we are so honored to be here.  We are so grateful for your dedication, and are in awe of all of your love and passion for our products. You certainly inspire us to keep going everyday and because of you Peekaboo Beans will continue to grow and all for the simple reason that... we love our Beans.

Winter PLAY Report - part 3

Over the holiday break, I was lucky enough to spend a few days with my family up at Big White.
There was so much snow, it would have been a crime not to cross off an activity or two off the play challenge list. The biggest hit of them all was the tobogganing. The little ones took turns latching on to either my sister or I's tubes as we went down the slopes. It didn't take long for them to get brave enough to ask the park staff to give them a spin as they went down.
We finished the night off by making snow angels and going on a horse drawn sleigh ride... giving the kids the full magical Christmas experience.  It was truly an amazing moment, one that I will forever cherrish.