Mini Rave

Thanks to Urban Family Events and Dance Generationz ( for putting on such a fun event! Cailin and I, Andhra and Meena, Terynn and Teaghan, Nicky and Olivia moved and grooved at the Plush Nightclub dance party in September. Peekaboo Beans was a delighted sponsor - it was so great to see all the kids having soo much fun!

The next event is scheduled for October 21, 2007. Check out their site for ticket details. Whole Family DJ Dance Party invites parents with babies, toddlers and children of all ages to this family hotspot. Featuring a live DJ, roomy dance floor, toy-filled relaxin' room, bubble machines, healthy snacks included, on-site photographer offering free sittings and special guest performers!

Thanks to Jenny Slin for the contribued photo -

Cailin and I are raising the roof centre front!

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