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The Healing Power of Trees
Carole's Tree
Today I was in such a funk!  A funk that even my cheerful Granddaughter could not get me out of and that is aserious funk when she can't cheer me up!  I had suffered what I felt was an unkindness by someone close to me followed by a slight snub.  I couldn't get myself out of my slump nor did I want to.  I held my hurt to my chest, embracing the heck out of it, not able to let it go.   My eyes were sort of glazed, my voice a monotone.  I was also angry at myself for letting this nonsense get to me yet again.  
As I sat, firmly entrenched in my mood, my husband noticed our neighbours outside, digging a hole. There was a beautiful Japanese Maple tree standing nearby, waiting to be planted.  He decided to go out and see if he could help.  I stayed on the couch, sulking and feeling sad.  Soon, I heard laughter outside, and I glanced out, and saw a little crowd around the hole, shovels and wheelbarrows in hand, laughing and sweating, but chatting amiably as they worked.  Well, I thought, I guess I could just go out and see what's up.  Soon I was busy too, sifting dirt and raking soil.  An hour and a half later, the little tree was proudly situated in the hole. Our neighbors thanked us profusely for our help and we came inside.  It was then that I realized that my funk was gone.  I was no longer feeling sorry for myself.  I felt cheerful and optimistic.  I had badly needed to get outside of myself but didn't have the will to let go of my hurt and anger.  When I finally managed to let it all go, I felt so much better.  Now every time I see that beautiful tree outside my kitchen window, I will remember this lesson; Help out, do something nice for someone else, laugh and sweat and enjoy the company.  It will be good for you.

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