It's time to give.

No matter what, whether I am happy, sad, down, blue, gracious or any other of the multitudes of emotions us women experience, giving to others makes me happy. Making others smile makes me smile.

I have been watching the tragedies of Hurricane Haiyan and I feel helpless. Sometimes the world feels so big and I wonder, "How can I contribute and make a difference?"

I've learned from one of my mentors, Darrell Kopke, that you have to find what you are passionate about and make a choice as to how you can contribute. Align with your values and you will drive impactful, positive change. It is up to you to find your voice, discover your passion, and pursue it. He says, "I drive a V8, so I'm not saving the world by driving the vehicle I do. I do, however, invest in socially responsible companies while being a stand for profit and for people."

In his words, "You can't suffer for the suffering," but you can help be part of change. Follow what makes you naturally curious, it will lead you to your passions and purpose. This is how you will best affect change.

So I declare my contribution through Peekaboo Beans:
  1. To be a stand for the importance of play: I will be relentless in my efforts to educate about the importance of free, unstructured play for our children and future generations. I will make a product that supports a playful life.
  2. To give back to play: I will create opportunities to raise awareness and funds to build safe places for less fortunate children to play in through our charity partner: Playground Builders.
  3. To be a voice for working women: I will create a working environment for mothers that provides the space to be a mother first while being a creative and knowledgeable contributor to a society of meaningful work.
  4. To foster a community of entrepreneurs: To extend this mom-focused working environment, I will strive to build out an entrepreneurial platform that allows mothers the opportunity to stay at home, earn income, and be entrepreneurial on their own terms.

This month, you can help give the gift of play with our Playground Builders' "Purple and Green Hoodie" campaign. Buy a green "On the Go" or a purple "I Heart Play" Hoodie at a reduced price and $5.00 will go to buying the following pieces for a playground:
  • Swing set: $488
  • See Saw: $381
  • Bench: $74
  • Slide: $391
  • Monkey Bars: $73

By choosing to align with Peekaboo Beans you are standing with us as we choose to make a change. Together, we are:
  1. Giving the gift of play, for your children, my children, and children around the world.
  2. Giving the gift of change - through the voice of PB.
  3. Giving the gift of ethics in manufacturing practices.
  4. Giving the gift of supporting the local economy.
  5. Giving the gift of making a difference in the world. One Bean at a time.

What could be more perfect? Buying local, supporting the worldwide community, and all in the comfort of your own home! Does it get better than that?

In love and play,


Mrs Shymanski said...

This is wonderful! Another wonderful reason that I love Peekaboo Beans! One of our favourite playful winter activities is cross country skiing! Up until now we've been carrying or towing our daughter in a ski trailer or sled, but this year she can actually ski alongside us! It's perfect since we live right on a huge ( free) trail system! Got her some tiny little ( used) skis for $8 . It's a perfect easy, affordable family activity and we love getting fresh air and looking for animals, while talking and having a great time! Good thing we love so many winter activities since we live in Northern BC where winter lasts a LONG time!

Mrs Shymanski said...

This is fantastic! And one of the many reasons that I love peekaboo beans! One of our favourite playful winter activities is cross country skiing. Up until now, we've just been carrying or pulling our little girl, but now she can ski alongside us this year! Perfect because we live right on a huge trail system. Picked her up a pair of tiny used skis for $8. Makes it an easy, affordable way to get outside, enjoying the fresh air and scenery as a family! Good thing we enjoy playing outside in the winter, because where we live in Northern BC, winter lasts a long time!