You wouldn't play in THAT!

Clothing is so much more than simply what we put on our bodies. It is what makes us feel good about ourselves, helps us define our personalities, and contributes to our uniqueness.  It makes us feel completely comfortable, or completely uncomfortable (if in the wrong clothing)...

Peekaboo Beans is here to spread the message for beans across the land: "let me play.”  Stats show that if given the chance, children would choose to play outside with their parents and friends 9 out of ten times, yet the staggering statistics show that children are spending on average 8 hours a day in front of media devices.

Our mission is to provide the ingredients for a playful life.  Children should be able to play free from stiff, restricting clothes.  Doesn't your kid deserve to look good without being held back? 

We have created a new platform of videos showing how ridiculous it looks doing an activity in the wrong clothing.  As adults, we know what is appropriate to wear for different activities, so why would we not do the same for our children?  Sometimes you just have to ask - would you play in that?

Run. Bounce. Play. Freely.

Check back for more videos to come!

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