What every Mom should know

With Mother's Day fast approaching we take some time to celebrate the glorious Mothers we have and that we are!

As a Mom, we are always learning, growing, teaching, assisting, perfecting, creating, supporting, protecting, listening, and celebrating... just to name a few. Mothers wear many hats and we want to take a moment to recognize a few of the things that make us so unique. The staff from the Peekaboo Beans Playground (our playful head office) compiled a list of a few important things that every Mother should know:

How to make a boo boo better
How to cut your child’s bangs
Where the nearest bathroom is
How to say No
How to perfectly cook homemade macaroni and cheese
How to pack for a weekend away all in one bag.
Where the nearest Starbucks is
What makes your kids laugh
How to sew on a missing button
Trust your instincts
Where to stash the backup crayons/coloring book in case of emergency
Know the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Know where your child is most ticklish
Where the wine is stocked!
Where all the drive-thru services are
That baby wipes aren't just for bums
How to pack the perfect ice-cream cone
How to handle "potty talk" with a straight face
Understand the language of a 2 year old
How to scare away the boogieman
How to do 3 things at once with only 2 arms
Where the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa live
That you don't have to be perfect.

Happy Mothers Day to you all! 

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