Peekaboo Beans Pop Up Playdates: Come Play With Us!

Peekaboo Beans Pop Up Playdates are back! This summer, Peekaboo Beans will be popping up at parks across the lower mainland and we want you to join us!

Anxiety & depression in children has quadrupled since the 1950’s due to what researchers are calling a PLAY DEFICIT.

Our children today are playing less than any other generation, leading to a decrease in creativity, imagination, and vital skills that include curiosity, social skills, and the ability to assess risk. Peekaboo Beans has introduced the Pop Up Playdates to help aid parents in bringing back the simple act of play into the lives of our children.

The Pop Up Playdates spread the message of Peekaboo Beans’ Play Revolution and the need for free, unstructured play for our children to develop into happy, healthy human Beans!

So bring your Beans and join us for some good ol’ fashion play at one of our upcoming playdates below!

For more info & to stay up to date with all of our upcoming Pop Up Playdates click here.

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