7 Reasons to LOVE our FUNdamentals

Peekaboo Beans’ FUNdamental styles are the building blocks and staple pieces of any play-ready wardrobe. Easily mix and match these styles seamlessly with each Peekaboo Beans collection!

Our FUNdamentals incorporate all of the important design details that Peekaboo Beans styles embrace; rich quality fabrics, easy-to-use zippers, chin guards, flat lock stitching, thumbholes, and functional drawstrings to accommodate little waists!

The FUNdamental collection is designed in the same PB fabrics you already love! What makes Peekaboo Beans’ fabric so great for play? We use the same growing and soil conditions for all of our cotton so that the quality of our fabric is consistent throughout each collection. Our yarn is spun into a very fine thread and is then densely woven to create a soft and cozy fabric. The top layer of our fabric is then singed to eliminate loose threads and pilling. All of these steps allow us to design and create a quality, durable fabric for your Beans that will last constant wear and tear. These are just a few reasons to LOVE our FUNdamentals collection. Check out the graphic below for 7 more!

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