What is Pretty to you?

A conversation between my 7 year old daughter this Morning.

Cailin obviously at the age of 7 is becoming more self aware and is exposed to much more things now being in school full time.

Cailin "Mommy I bought a book about Taylor Swift at the book fair, because I like her and she has a good voice".

Me "That's cool honey".

Cailin "I think she wears too much makeup - her lipstick is really dark".

Me "she does wear a lot of makeup doesn't she"

Cailin "does Lipstick make her pretty?"

Me "it doesn't MAKE her pretty, it just makes her look glamorous"

Cailin "Well Glamorous and pretty are the same thing right"

(Hmmm me thinking, what do I say here - thinking positive role model - body image, her life flashing before my eyes as a teenager, grown women, self confidence, positive body image - eeeek too much pressure, ok relax breathe, just answer the question!)

Me "no they aren't the same thing honey, pretty is (okay now wheels are turning - how do you DEFINE pretty) pretty is beauty from the inside out, it is everything about a person - that makes them beautiful (hmmm maybe too deep?) , glamorous is getting all "fancied" up as she is a performer....

So I asked her, and I ask you - what does PRETTY mean to you? How do YOU define Pretty?

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