Childhood can be magical

I love holidays like today as it reminds me of how innocent childhood is. Last night was a evening affair of preparing for the Easter Bunny. The proper placement of the baskets, the coloring of the picture for "Him". The leaving of the carrots, washing, peeling and gently placing them out so the bunny would have energy to continue onwwards after leaving our home.

I find so much joy watching my daughters get lost in their imaginations and living in the space of pure freedom on thought. I am so envious of this. Can you imagine -literally? I assume this has to evolve as we age, otherwise we wouldn't beable to hold down jobs of responsibility, since daydreaming is not good on the resume.

I will cherish these moments, but it saddens me that this has to change as they get older.

So I challenge you (when it is safe) :) to simply get lost in your imagination, to dream as a child would dream, to play with your thoughts and let them run free.

I will see if I can get my Type A personality to enable me to do this, I think it must be the most freeing experience.

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