Being 2

I recently posted this quote - "A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it. Jerry Seinfeld". It resonated with me - since that is the "stage" we are in...

I have two girls, one 7 going on 8 next month, and one - well.....TWO.

I find it so crazy to watch the littler one. She has no concept of danger, she runs across a street like a maniac as if nothing could harm her, she dances like Elaine from Seinfeld, she SCREAMS and YELLS and throws tantrums like there is no tomorrow - she will walk to the end of a cliff as if there isn't a drop as I leap through the air behind her like a rabid dog to save her.

She crys and laughs hysterically in the same minute. She doesn't share if she doesn't want to, she throws food, toys, food, well pretty much anything. She asks for pemission to do something she knows she shouldn't do, and when I tell her NO, she proceeds to do it anyway - and gives me the "look" - oh you know the look! She can turn me into a pile of mush with her glowing smile, and her precious cuddles and her angelic face - after acting like a firey devil for 18 hours of the rest of the day.

When I look at this, I am stunned and amazed at what it must be like to be in her body - the world is at her fingertips, she has no concept of rules, or boundaries - it must be like crazy bliss?

I envy this so much, but when I look at her, I am afraid of what is to come for her. We all have to conform at some point, as we can't act like two year olds the rest of our life - nor should we, as much as we may like to throw a good tantrum every now and again.

I guess what I am afraid of is, yes she might lose the "terrible twos" part (slightly happy for this to end), but will she lose that freedom of imagination too, the freedom to be?

That is why I love to Play with her - she sings while she plays, she doddles around with her tea set and states "make mamma cuppa coffee" while working away in her kitchen and feeding her imaginary friends. I love when she fake reads books, flipping pages and making the stories up on the pages, wiggling her little toes with excitement of what her little mind has thought up.

Conversely, my older daughter still loves to play, but can be more guarded in her imagination - more afraid to be free with herself in fear she might be judged by her peers.

At what point does this change and how can we help our children continue to fuel the fire of their imaginations?

I only hope you can help me find some answers and share some of your "terrible twos" too....