A Pod-Cast with Vancouvermom.ca

Traci’s Tips for Balance in Life
•You can’t be everything and everywhere. It takes a village to raise a family.
•Surround yourself be people who understand you, believe in your concept and passion, and value what you do. Make sure everyone is aligned to your vision.
•Build a support network by hiring the right caregivers and relying on friends and family.

Some Advantages Moms Have in Business
•Resiliency. Moms generally have thick skins.
•Practicality of empathy and understanding. If you can negotiate with children, you can negotiate anything.
•Multi-tasking. Moms are able to manage jumping from one thing to another.

Advice For Moms Starting a Business
•Be realistic. Ask yourself: on your darkest day, will your passion get you through it? Feel the fear and do it anyway.
•Give yourself time to work on your business.
•Understand cash and cash flow. Rather than focus on business planning, it’s less daunting to just put down your thoughts.

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