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Getting to know your local Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist... we begin this exciting feature with a closer look at the lovely ladies who are sprouting off our Vine and providing you with the ingredients for a playful life.   

Today we meet Kristy of Tsawwassen, British Columbia.  And here's a glimpse from her VINE:

Tell us about you:
My heart is with my family! I have a 1 year old daughter, Ellen, who is definitely a bit of a “Cheeky Monkey” and a very loving and supportive hubby. Dave and I got married in Maui, and were lucky to spend our 4 year anniversary there in January. We try to go back once a year and soak up some rays. As a family, we love being out on the water, and spend lots of time on the boat in the summer, usually at Hatzic lake. In the winter, we love to get up to Whistler to ski, although since Ellen, that has been a bit difficult! We are so lucky to have an amazing family, group of friends and great neighbours. We work so that we can play! Isn’t that what life is about?
Tell us a little bit about the journey to becoming a Peekaboo Beans Stylist:
Being a friend of Traci’s, I have always been a huge fan of Peekaboo Beans! After having my own bean, Ellen, last April, I found I had a huge desire to be involved with this amazing company. I am so passionate about what they value because I have my own little walking-talking example of the importance of play right in front of my eyes. Being a Play Stylist is my “Play” job. I am also a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at BC Children’s Hospital, as well as a (contract-based) Instructor at BCIT!
What does PLAY mean to you?
Great question! To me, play means allowing kids to have the space to explore their mind and act freely! I truly believe that boundary-free playtime allows kids to see and learn about our world from their own perspective, rather than ours.
How do you balance Motherhood, play and work?
Well, this is my first week back to work (part-time yay at Children’s) after my maternity leave, so I’ll let you know! But actually, everything in moderation is a theme I try to live by. I think it is healthy to have a balanced life.
What inspires you?
Many things! Sunny weather, rainy weather, people who seem to do it all and still look fabulous doing it, my daughter, my grandparents, a bottle of wine, a long drive, a good book, a night of insomnia (sometimes great ideas result from not sleeping), people who are consistently happy (like my husband), the list goes on...
Who is one person you look up to or are inspired by and why?
I don’t know that there is 1 person I am completely solely inspired by. I think I am inspired by many people in my life for a bazillion reasons! Whether it is their strength through a tough situation, or their everyday positive attitude, or their work ethic, or their play ethic, there are many people who help me be a better person. I am very lucky!
Besides your family, what is the one possession you most cherish?
Is health a possession? Because I cherish health. If that is too cliché an answer, I guess I would say my camera. I love catching Ellen with a great big toothy-laughy smile.
What were your favorite toy, game and quiet activity as a child?
I’m pretty sure I loved “My Little Pony.” Uno was definitely my favourite card game. Quiet activity was (and still is) reading.
Where do your kids spend most of their free time and/or what do they like to do?
Ellen loves exploring, whether it is the washer or the garden, she gets really smiley when she is exploring a new place. She is such a little sponge, learning from everything around her. I love this age! Oh and she LOVES the swings. The higher the better! We have a little daredevil on our hands!
How do you celebrate your kids birthdays?
Ellen just had her first birthday April 5th. We had close friends and family over for dinner and cake…40 people later, it was super fun, but pretty busy! I think next year will be much quieter!
What kind of house do you live in? And what do you like best about living there?
We live in a small rancher-style house in Beach Grove, Tsawwassen, BC. The neighbourhood is so friendly and the beach is very close. It is a great place to raise a family, the perfect balance of fun activities at our fingertips, and relaxation. And it really is “Sunny Tsawwassen!”
What places in your neighborhood frequent the most?
There is a super-cute café called Beach Grove Café. Saturday morning walk to the swings and coffee is usually our thing.
What are your go to books, websites or local shops?
I have a kindle (love) and so I read a ton. I love the Hunger Games trilogy (Almost done reading it for the 3rd time. Blush.)! There are a ton of local shops that are very quaint and adorable here in Tsawwassen. My top 2 favourites are probably Ambiente and Toys & Tech. Every time I go into Ambiente, I get so many creative decorating ideas, and the toy store has lots of unique fun stuff.
What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Well, it is definitely sunny! We are a boating family and spend a lot of time out at Hatzic lake in the summer. A day where there is a combination of me wake boarding, Ellen swimming, Dave (my hubby) skiing and perhaps some relaxing would be more than perfect.
What legacy would you like to build through Peekaboo Beans?
I would love if my passion for play was contagious, infecting everyone in my life. I would love to see all my kiddies near and far, playing in Peekaboo Beans, being comfortable and fashionable. That’s not too much to ask is it?


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