Your friends from the Playground

Curious to where all the magic beans happen?  We are opening our doors and giving you a glimpse into the world of Peekaboo Beans.  Come see the center of our tire swing, the bars of our monkey cage, the bumps on our slide, the pebbles in our sandbox... come join us at our Playground!

How long have you been with PB’s?
I started at PB in January of 2008 as a Fashion Intern from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I continued working part time with PB as I finished school and have been a full time employee since the summer of 2010.
Whats your role?
My main role these days is the design and brand development of Peekaboo Beans NEW tween line, CiCi Bean –which launches in September 2012! You can also find me creating e-blasts and marketing material for sales, events, and holidays!
Whats your favorite things about being on the PB’s team?
There are so many wonderful reasons why I love being on the PB team but one of my all time favorite things is our theme days! Working with people who share my passion for dress up is so FUN!
Whats the craziest thing that’s happened at the playground?
The playground usually gets pretty crazy around the times that we launch a new collection! New stock arrives in hundreds of boxes, orders begin to ship out, and the design team is in the midst of creating the collection for the following year! Then add in kids screaming, puppies barking, and phones ringing. It’s definitely a little bit CRAZY!
What inspires you?
People…I’m so inspired by peoples personal style and creativity. I’m intrigued by peoples uniqueness and their ability to deal with the hardships in their own lives. I get such a strong sense of happiness when the people around me succeed and it continually pushes me to believe more in myself.
What do you do in your spare time? 
If it’s a Sunday morning you can find me on Pinterest or reading my favorite blogs. I’m always cooking and just as often eating. I spend a lot of time snuggling our dog Nora and hanging out with my sister Noel.
What were you like as a child?
I was a super creative and active kid. Always coloring, picking flowers, playing house or fairies, riding my bike and imagining!
What’s one thing that people may not know about you?
I make most of my own hair, body and make-up products. Including face wash, shampoo/conditioner, hair gel, body wash and lotion.
What does PLAY mean to you?
Play is so extremely important to me. As a kid there was never a time when my sisters and I weren’t playing. Play has made me who I am today and it allowed me express myself creatively and helped me learn about life. I’ll always be a kid at heart and play will always be a part of my life.

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