All about our Dads

So for Mother's Day we got to express our deep respect and appreciation for those very important ladies in our lives, so now its the Dad's turn. 

Dad's play such an important role in our lives growing up a child, even now into our adulthood.  Dad's are often the backbone of our family unit, the one that keeps it held strongly together, the one that protects us from any harm that might come our way.  And aside from this hard exterior we often see, Dad's are the ones rolling on the floor with us as children and making silly faces, hugging us when we've scraped a knee, ran beside us while learning to ride our very first bike and the one who we can always turn to for good solid advice.  It's big shoes to fill and as Bill Cosby has wisely said...  "Fatherhood is pretending the present you love the most is soap-on-a-rope", it can also sometimes be a challenging role!  Cheers to our Dads, this weekend we celebrate you! 

So from our Playground to you, we honor our Fathers with a list of what makes a Father so special, unique and important:   
  • I grew up with one younger sister and no matter what stage of life, my Dad has always "had our back". He has always been physically & emotionally present and has consistently made us feel taken care of. At the age of 37 I know that if I (or now my kids) need anything at all I can still count on my Dad. Love you Dad!!!
  • One thing that my Dad does that makes me feel special is whenever I go back to my parents' home, he will still tuck me in bed at night and give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek :)
  • My dad has always been the kind to try and help someone out when they need to. He is always trying to figure out a way to help someone he's close to when they're in need.
  • Every once in while, when he has a day off, and he knows I have one too, the two of us will go out for lunch somewhere in town. Nothing fancy, or regular, just every once in while for no particular reason we like to go have lunch together.
  • My dad is one of the most special people in the whole world. He is the best dad ever!  What makes him so special is his selflessness.  My dad has worked hard his entire life to make sure that his daughters and wife are always taken care of. He has sacrificed so much of his own life to make mine better and there is nothing in the world that means more to me.
    I just hope that one day I can thank him by buying him as huge mansion in Hawaii where him and my mom can retire and relax.
  • My Dad is kind, funny and smart and is always there when you need him. Plus he always dresses sharp for special occasions – what more could a girl ask for?
  • Taking the time to have one on one chats with me and fully understand what is going on in our family. Our chats are few and far between but really meaningful when we both have time to talk.
  • My dad is special because he gives great advice. He’s the one person I know I can always go to if I need direction. 

Happy Fathers Day!

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