Peekaboo Beans loves our interns!!

At our playground there is always something exciting going on.  Whether that's designing the new collection, organizing pop up play dates, collecting and organizing clothing drives for the less fortunate, co-ordinating fashion camps, attending leadership conferences, getting ready to launch our tween line or setting up meetings with our growing vine of Play Stylists, one thing we LOVE to stay involved in is having a few Beans in Training!  Peekaboo Beans is proud to sponsor local University  Fashion, Design and Marketing students and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and learn in action.  Our interns are always so helpful, creative, dedicated and inspired, and we do everything we can to help these lovely beans who come to us to expand their knowledge.  In the past few months we have been blessed to share our playground with a number of students and would like the opportunity to introduce them to you and thank these hard working ladies for all their wonderful support.  We wish you all the best for your future!  

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