Our Me Time Mode Contest Winner!

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our lucky Me Tim Mode Contest winner, Lexia Nash at the Playground.  She was lovely.  And came in tow with her two young beans and patient hubby.  We were more than happy to give her a brief tour of our "warehouse" and playroom before we got down to some serious business of shopping, chatting and cake eating!  After a couple hours, she left a happy mama with her boys completely outfitted from head to toe in brand new Peekaboo Beans. 

Congratulations Lexia. We hope you and your boys are enjoying your new beans! 

And thank you to all the Mamas who took the time video-ing themselves and participating in our "Best Contest Ever!".  We wish we could give you all the grand prize, there certainly was some fabulous videos that had us giggling, sobbing and almost peeing our pants!  

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