Meet the Playground Staff

Ever wonder who is running the show?  What the "Playground" is?  How we become inspired and continue to create and grow?  Here's a quick behind the scenes look at all us ladies & Derrick (our sole brave man) who make up the team at the Peekaboo Beans Playground.  
The Peekaboo Beans "Playground", located in Richmond, British Columbia, has been busy planting a unique and special working environment with a family first philosophy.  Together as a family we watch our garden grow and thrive through a strongly rooted value system.  Our garden grows when we fill it with like minded individuals, water it with positivity and embrace change.
Peekaboo Beans is a vine like no other as we support and promote a work life balance for Moms.  We believe that everyone deserves to be a mom but still be YOU, all while loving what you do each day.  With rejuvenating yoga classes, relaxing chair massage, super fun monthly play dates and even personal grocery shopping, Peekaboo Beans brings to bloom a true mommy mecca. 
As we plant the seeds, add some water and watch it bloom we live by the vision of working culture specifically geared to what working mamma's need.  Imagine in-house daycare, shopping services, exercise facilities, spa services, meal preparation, and many more family support systems right at your finger tips.  This is MOM Inc.  A place where, through support and family values we can have every Mom arrive home happy, healthy and present for their special little Beans!

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