Quiet time

A few months ago while driving in the car my daughter said she was bored and wanted to watch a DVD. I suggested that instead of watching a DVD why not try to sit quietly and listen to the thoughts inside her head. I explained that it’s important for kids to learn how be with their own thoughts and reflect on what’s going on in their world and use their imagination. She agreed to try. After a long pause she had brought up some interesting thoughts about previous experiences she had while playing with her friends. It led to great conversation and in that moment I became aware of how we are always eager to fill empty time for children with electronic devices and constant background noise, taking  away opportunities to develop their own thoughts, opinions, questions and imagination.
Since then she often tells me what she’s thinking about, therefore creating thought provoking conversations between us which give me an opportunity to learn more about her and her dreams. It’s so enjoyable to hear her stories and talk about them together.

So, instead of TV, electronics and other noisy distracting devices, give your child their own time for quietness and the opportunity to explore their thoughts and ideas that are constantly going through their own head. 

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Delores said...

I not only 'like' this, I Love this! Thanks for this posting writer.