Building a playground for the holidays.

I have two very conflicting thoughts on Christmas - I LOVE THE FEELING OF CHRISTMAS!! I Love the Christmas celebrations, I love the gatherings, I love saying thank you to friends, co-workers, teachers and neighbours! I love decorating, the music, the lights...the parties, the dressing up, cocktails - friends! I love hot chocolate and cozy fireside nights! I love the magic of Christmas.
Where I sometimes feel conflicted is my children have so much. First and foremost they have love, the have a warm home, they have safety, comfort and support, needless to say they have toys. Toys, toys, toys and STUFF! I don't want to deprive them of the magic, but truly - what more could they need - definitely not more toys!! So I want to take this opportunity for us to help teach our children the importance of giving during the holidays, rather than receiving.
My goal this holiday season is to contribute these elements to the next Playground initiative that Playground Builders is creating.
  1. 1 Swing set $317.00
  2. 1 Slide $391.00
  3. 1 Seesaw $381
  4. 1 community bench $74.00
  5. 1 playhouse $1100.00

So far though our amazing Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist, Beanefactors and sales of my personal stash of Vintage Beans we have raised $1,690.00.
Only $573.00 left to go! 
There is nothing that feels better than being able to give the gift of play this holiday season. 

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