Winter PLAY Challenge

You're Invited!  Peekaboo Beans Winter PLAY Challenge.
So much like our popular Summer PLAY Challenge, we are now inviting you and your families to take part in our Winter PLAY Challenge.  Peekaboo Beans introduced this challenge because we feel that just because the weather gets a bit cooler and darkness comes a bit earlier, these shouldn't be excuses to stay indoors and forgo what wonderful elements nature has to offer us.  So bundle up, grab some hot pockets and go on some adventures and child friendly excursions with our Winter PLAY Challenge
We have collected a variety of activities for you and the kids to complete.  Most of them are outdoors, however, we realize that indoor play can still be an option.  So jump in and get going!  Even though Winter has not yet officially started, there's no better time than now to create some fun and unique memories. 
Our children are playing less than any previous generation and this lack of play is causing them profound physical, intellectual, social and emotional harm. Experts say our kids are experiencing a play deficit. Parents are choosing structured recreational and sports activities over free play partly because they no longer consider neighborhoods safe for independent play. Children are being over scheduled and their brains are tiring out. They lack the time and space to diffuse and relax.
On average, children engage in 7 hours and 38 minutes of recreational media usage each day. Without ample play, we will continue to see a decrease in creativity and imagination, as well as vital skills including curiosity, social skills, resiliency and the ability to assess risk.
Peekaboo Beans is on a mission to not let kids of today experience this play deficit by doing what we can to get them playing outdoors and having fun. They need this free time and free play in order to become happy healthy human beans! It's not a option, it's a necessity!
We encourage you to join the Winter PLAY Challenge with your family and embrace the opportunity to experience some creative outdoor activities and fun adventures during the long and chilly months. Peekaboo Beans Winter PLAY Challenge is here to help bring fun back into your life and connect with your children through sharing time together, having fun with one another and PLAYING!
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Challenge Instructions:
Print off a copy of the Winter PLAY Challenge, post to your fridge, bulletin board etc, and during the winter months of November and March, see how many of these fun activities you can accomplish. Check them off as you go and feel free to update us with summaries of your adventures. Share with us your stories, which ones your kids enjoyed the most, how did you make each activity your own? Whatever you want to say, we would love to hear! Most important of all, have fun and enjoy the time you will spend with your family! Now get out there and PLAY!
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