A year in review - for your Beans

Who likes free printables!  We have created this "Year in Review" printable for you to fill out with your Beans and have as a keepsake for the years to come.  This is a great way to reflect on the year just passed and to also look forward to the year ahead and perhaps set a few important and kid friendly goals. Almost like a New Years Resolution worksheet for kids, but way more fun!  

Print your Peekaboo Beans copy HERE

Print your CiCi Bean copy HERE


Samantha Elizabeth said...

Such a fantastic idea!!

Anonymous said...

Can this be posted as something that you can open if you don't have a gmail account? Thanks

Traci Costa said...

You should be able to download this printable without any gmail account. However, if you are having troubles email us at deana@peekaboobeans.com and we can send you a copy of the pdf.