Playful Beans and the meaning of Christmas

Ever wonder what the little Beans are thinking during the chaos on the holidays, the hustle and bustle of the shopping, the baking and storing of all the Christmas cookies, the sitting nicely on Santa's lap and everything else that comes along with this busy time of year?  In their world, what does "Christmas" mean?  Ever wonder? We certainly did, so... we asked our Beans. So we would like to share with you, straight from the mouths of the beautiful Beans of our Play Stylists and Playground staff, what Christmas means to them: 
Nathan, age 5
Spending time with my family cause I have 2 weeks off on Christmas! Can you believe 2 weeks off?

Carys, age 2
Christmas!!! How our presents come out of the Christmas tree?
Nia, age 5
Opening the presents.

Aiyana, age 5
Having a snowball fight and eating gingerbread houses.

Lily, age 7
When Santa comes and when we go to see Santa. And when we get to wake up Christmas morning and open presents with our family.
Ethan, age 4 
Opening up the presents. And sitting on Santa's lap.
Cohen, age 5
My favorite thing about Christmas is singing "I wish you a merry Christmas... Hallelujah!!!!! (Singing at the top of his voice in the highest possible octave)
Ava, age 9
I love that my family spends time together playing games, laughing, baking and skating. This means more to me than any presents.

Riley, age 5
Favorite thing about Christmas is getting candies from Harry, hanging Christmas lights and everything!  (Harry is the contractor who is finishing the siding on their house)  haha

Elliette, age 3
Favorite thing about Christmas is riding the horseys. (She asked for a barn full of horseys for Christmas)
Sarah, age 3
Making snowball fights. Making a giant carrot nose. Getting presents.
Rachel, age 5
Making snow angels. It's my favorite season, the bears are 'hardernated'. (Hibernated). I get to go out places and the whole spirit of christmas. 

Kerlinda, age 7

What I like about Christmas is you care about people, its about spending time with people. Its not about presents its about caring about the birth of Jesus. (Yep, seriously...that was the answer. She didn't even break her gaze from the

And last but not certainly least... from Nora the puppy dog (who can't really talk but we know her mommy can completely understand her just by the way she looks at her with those big brown eyes!)
Nora, age 2
Falling snow, not so much snow on the ground, but when there is snow falling you can find me running in circles and rolling around licking up the flakes!  And of course the Christmas turkey dinner…a puppy sized plate of yams, turkey and peas please!
Happy Holidays from our Beans to yours!

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