A Playdate at the Playground

There's not many things in this world better than seeing children with smiles on their faces and enjoying the simple act of play.  So we at the Playground were more than happy when we had a little impromptu playdate with a whole bunch of our Peekaboo Bean fans at our offices. We were joined by fabulous ladies from our Beanaholics Facebook page, along with a few lovely ladies from who are active sellers and buyers from the Vintage Beans Facebook page.  Together, with all our Beans, we had a wonderful afternoon playdate filled with first-time greetings, laughter, giggles, playtime, pizza and snacks galore!
This was such a wonderful opportunity to see our products in action, first hand on the customers themselves, the little Beans, busy jumping, tumbling socializing, make-believing... playing!  And many of these little Beans were dressed in PB's from seasons and seasons ago. Its so amazing to see how our product has held up from years of washing, wear and tear, and being passed down between the hands of older Beans to the younger Beans. 
This is such an amazing community of people, of Peekaboo Beans lovers, and of followers. By getting to see the affect we have had on mothers, fathers, and most importantly, children's lives first hand is incredible.  We love that we create a product that kids love to wear, love to play in, and feel proud that they are given the independence and confidence with our clothing to be who they are and to be comfortable with themselves so they can ultimately focus on what's most important for them.... which is PLAY! 
Such a wonderful community and we are so proud to be a part of your everyday.  Thank you for allowing Peekaboo Beans into your family's homes and lives, we are so honored to be here.  We are so grateful for your dedication, and are in awe of all of your love and passion for our products. You certainly inspire us to keep going everyday and because of you Peekaboo Beans will continue to grow and all for the simple reason that... we love our Beans.

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