Everyone needs some FUNdamentals!

After working on this very special & FUN collection for more than 18 months, we are soooo excited to finally share all the details with you today!  

So, what exactly are the FUNdamentals all about?  Aside from an amazing comfort and style, this collection will become a staple in your Bean's closet for years to come. Created with the fabulous design details our seasonal collections embrace, this new collection consists of FUN basics that incorporate everything Peekaboo Beans is about, but with simple colors, and simple lines... perfect for everyday and to mix and match with other collections from your closet. 

Inspired by the need for a grouping which would bridge our fashion collections, sprouting up throughout the year, the FUNdamentals collection offers our BEAN-efactors key pieces in true Peekaboo Beans style. The FUNdamentals collection incorporates all the fabulous design details that our Beans embrace, such as rich quality fabrics, easy zippers, chin guards, cozy relaxed styles, thumb holes and functional drawstrings to accommodate little waists! This collection will be your staple closet favourite, perfect for playground, play dates and play-time! The FUNdamentals are available in an array of colours that will mix and match perfectly, while complimenting our fashion collections. These playful styles will be your connecting styles and colours, bridging collections season after season.  Have a peek at our catalog below and let us know what you think.... 

What everyone is saying...

Over the last few weeks we've been keeping our ears open and have heard some playful feedback floating around the Playground from our Play Stylists. They have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of trying out this new collection a week before our launch date and here's a few of the comments we've   collected: 

Janelle B. - 
I know everyone's been oohing and awwing about their Fundamentals for days, so I apologize if this has been said... but I just got mine today, and I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the quality and design of this collection!!! It's amazing. And the mini catalogues are fantastic - really shows off the clothes nicely and is a great size. Soooo excited!!!

Traci C. - 
We ARE LOVING ours! So great to mix and match in with everyday pieces.

Nicky M. -
I am wondering if there is now a need to shop anywhere else?????

Lisa V. -
Love the black hoodie! Both my kids are getting one! Maybe then I won't hover when they eat wearing their beans lol. I'm in love! Tried some pieces on my daughter now she won't take them off. Guess they r hers now.

Jenny M. -
I love the simplicity and how well it will mix and match with current, past and future collections! Definitely going to be a staple in our home! 

Nicole T. - 
Exciting day here! Just got my FUNdamentals - woot woot, going to do a final walk through of our new house this afternoon, and sign papers at the lawyers for the sale of our house and the purchase of our new place!! Yes, getting my FUNdamentals are up there with moving into a new house LOL!!

Nona A. -
My FUNdamentals arrived today and even though I ordered one of the kits my kids immediately laid claim to most (if not all) of the pieces that arrived. Of course I was expecting to love it but once again I am in awe of the innovation of PB's design team. I was telling my sister today about the launch and she said "isn't it just plain tees and leggings?" Yes, but so much more. It has the ability to completely transform your Bean's PB wardrobe. So impressed and so proud to be part of this company!

Trisha H. - 
From what I have seen, the quality, versatility, playful & clean, fresh styles and colors, have once again totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you PB I’m overflowing with excitement for this collection to launch eeeekkk!!! Okay must put catalogue down! LOL!!

Jen D. -
We are going to have so much FUN with this line, it goes with everything!

Sarah P. -
The FUNdamentals are what is missing from your beans wardrobe! The comfort and versatility of the collection is just what we need

So as launch day comes and goes, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to email us your comments on the new FUNdamentals collection to feedback@peekaboobeans.com.  

Oh and the big question... where can you get yours? Easy, we have 2 ways to shop! 
Visit the Peekaboo Beans website and shop On-Vine from our store
Get in touch with one of our wonderful Play Stylists in your area for a FUN, playful and personalized way to shop.  Visit our website HERE to find a Stylist in your area. 

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