Magic Beans Giveaway... The Numbers Are In!

The numbers are in and we are so proud of our amazing tribe of Play Stylists and VIPB’s! On March 28th we had launched the Magic Beans Giveaway to help get children across the land playing comfortably as well as a way to help mama’s give back to their communities to causes that are significant to them. During this two-week opportunity, Peekaboo Beans was able to donate 438 boys, girls, baby, and tween pieces to charities in need across the nation! 

Just a few of the charities included Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter, the Malawi Girls School, Mizppah House, Connaught School, Battlefords Boys & Girls Club, and the Big Brother program. That is amazing and we can’t thank all of you who contributed enough!

Below are just a few of the inspiring stories we received from our Play Stylists about the Magic Beans Giveaway Soiree’s that they were able to hold with their Hostesses.

Thank you for the Magic Beans Giveaway! I recently attended a Mile Zero Mercy Roller-Girls fundraiser for Mizpah House. Mizpah house is a local transition house for abused women and children. There was a speaker from the shelter at the fundraiser and she hit a chord with me. I thought, "I'd like to get involved with this organization". When the lovely ladies at Baked Cafe hosted a qualifying Soiree I had asked them their thoughts and they too are big supporters of Mizpah House! What a wonderful opportunity to bring a little comfort to women and children in desperate need! Often these women and their kids arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I contacted Mizpah House and they have told me they are in need of clothing for girl’s ages 2-5 and boys 3-5 :) 

My second Magic Beans bundle is going to be donated to Malawi Girls School. Every year Arlene Delawsky, a top local realtor and philanthropist, hosts a private party to fundraise for the girls school in Africa. This school provides a safe place and education to girls in Malawi. This year the principal and former student of the school will be joining us for the event. Arlene is the hostess of a Peekaboo Beans fashion show and in addition to the Magic Beans Giveaway, all the Hostess Bean-e-fits are being donated to the school! As well, I will be donating a portion of my commission to the school. Let the love flow!!! - Charlie Jordan


“My Hostess was looking for a local charity to support and had come across the Battlefords Boys & Girls Club online.  She saw all of the amazing programs that they offer to children in our community and knew instantly they would benefit.  The first line on their home page is "Another School year is up and running!  The Battlefords Boys & Girls Club is OPEN and ready for kids to come play in our brand new building!"  How could we not support a charity that is so aligned with Peekaboo Beans and children playing?!” - Jamie Killoran


“This is a back story for my Magic Beans. It's a recommendation from one of my VIPB. Here is the msg she provided me:

The Magic Beans Soiree that I held was with a VIPB who knew the perfect family to help out during a hard time. Below is the message she had originally sent me:

“Hi Laura, as I mentioned, Leigh was one of the mom's that we sponsored through the Christmas Fairies this past Christmas. She is a single mom with 2 children.  Jack, who is in Grade 1, and Leighla, who is 3 1/2.  She home schools Jack and is currently trying to figure out a source of income because her soon to be ex husband will not be able to support the family.

Leigh is one of the most beautiful people that I have ever met.  Her heart is just so generous, open and honest.  We all got together close to Christmas time  and she brought some food and a bottle of wine (probably with her last few dollars).  As I mentioned before, she is the type to give her last few dollars.

Both of her children are amazing.  Jack is an incredible artist and is very bright.  Leighla is a little fireball full of energy but just so sweet and loving like her mom.

I was out with a girlfriend last night and we were both trying to figure out a way to try and support Leigh during this time. When I saw your message, I immediately thought of her and how deserving she is of some special treats for her children.  She would NEVER be able to afford PBB.” - Laura Webb

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