Super Beans - Jacob's Story

When we read the story of what Jacob and his family went through, we knew right away that he was a true Super Bean.  His spirit of play never stopped through his diagnosis of a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball.  He played hockey and soccer, and pushed through his symptoms everyday just to do what he loved doing.  The undiagnosed tumor was taking up a quarter of this six year olds brain causing severe headaches, which had been passed off as migraines by many experienced doctors.  He even had troubles pushing and lifting his right leg while playing hockey, depending on his stick for support; but nevertheless, Jacob kept playing!

Finally, after the whirlwind diagnosis, Jacob had to undergo an emergency surgery the following day to remove the tumor.  This is any parent’s worst nightmares come true.  Watching your child getting wheeled into brain surgery is not something that any parent, or child, should have to go through.

Over the next couple of days, a team of doctors and nurses monitored his progress and were given the positive news that the tumor was benign!  Even with this optimism, the recovery was still a windy road full of frustration, courage, tears, laughter, anger, but mostly determination.  There were days when Jacob could not walk and felt like he would never walk again, but once he made up his mind, he went for it.  He was rearing to go, so much where his first day of walking on his own two feet he took it upon himself to battle his father in a backyard water fight!

Jacob’s spirit of play was only growing in the following weeks.  He quickly returned to camping, sports, school, and of course, playing with family and friends.  Throughout the struggles Jacob had to go through, he had a special light that kept shining and kept inspiring.

This is a real life hero. This is one amazing Bean! 


Meagan Baker said...

Amazing story of a super bean! So happy to hear Jacob is healthy and living life to its fullest again. What an amazing spirit!

Nikki said...

A true Super Bean. xo