Rachel Rainbow for Peekaboo Beans - Winter 2014

We are so excited to have Rachel Rainbow, our very own Peekaboo Beans Assistant Designer, design an exclusive line of Rachel Rainbow pieces again for Peekaboo Beans' winter 2014 collection!

A bit about Rachel Rainbow:
Rachel Rainbow is handmade in Vancouver, BC, featuring hand painted wooden beads, handmade tassels and quality brass magnetic closures and charms. We chose magnetic closures to promote independent dress-up while bracelets feature an adjustable tie to ensure the perfect fit. Rachel Rainbow was born as a creative outlet and is created for pretending.

The Rachel Rainbow pieces this season have been custom designed to
coordinate with the Peekaboo Beans Winter collection. From the colour
pallet to the whimsical butterfly charms these necklaces and bracelets are
the perfect match to seamlessly accessorize your holiday Beans! 

We asked Rachel to give us an insiders peek into her process of designing the latest pieces for Peekaboo Beans. Check it out below!

"I like to work from simple materials - cotton embroidery floss for the handmade tassels, nylon cording for the necklace string, and raw wooden beads that I transform with custom mixed colours. I love the freedom to transform these into something that speaks to what Rachel Rainbow is about. For this collection I sourced gold plated brass butterfly charms to tie the necklaces into the theme. This was my first venture into charms for Rachel Rainbow, which has definitely opened some doors for my new work. I also incorporated gold accents throughout in the nylon cording and tassels. All the colours in this collection of Rachel Rainbow necklaces are inspired by the Winter 2014 collection." 

"All the beads in this collection are wood and colours are mixed and hand painted by me. This collaboration had a total of 900 hand painted wood beads! I created a very organized assembly line using toothpicks and a long piece of wood to line up the beads to dry. Each bead requires 2-3 coats of paint and 2 coats of varnish."


To purchase any of Rachel Rainbow's limited edition pieces for Peekaboo Beans, shop On-Vine HERE contact your local Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist

Find out more about Rachel: 
Website:  www.rachelrainbow.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/rachelrainbow
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/RachelRain_Bow
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/rachelrainboww

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