Tools for a playful holiday season

With the holidays fast approaching we are all starting to think about our never ending to-do lists.  As the weeks turn into days, the days turn into hours and the hours turn into minutes... Christmas will be here before you can blink twice.  And if you are a Mom (or Dad), like all us dedicated hard working Moms at Peekaboo Beans, we might need a little extra help keeping us all on track and playfully organized over the holiday season.  With so much to do, our fabulous marketing department created this wonderfully helpful printable that lets you keep track of all the holiday to-dos in one handy spot.  

We have created it so that you can choose from the list on the side and plunk in the tasks/baking dates/wrapping dates/play dates all according to your own schedule.  We lovingly grilled all our Momma Beans at the Peekaboo Beans Playground (our head office) and asked them what are some of the regular activities and must dos that are always on their list during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We then compiled the most common tasks and created this playful planning calendar.  

Remember though... don't feel like you have to fill up every single day... we must leave time for PLAY!  

Click HERE to download your printable holiday calendar

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