Magic Beans is Back!

Last March we introduced the Magic Beans Giveaway as our way of supporting mama's across the land to give back to their communities and to causes or charities that meant something to them. Because last March was such a success with over 400 Beans given to kids who can now play comfortably, Magic Beans is back! 

How does it work?

For the entire month of March, when you host a Soiree with at least $500 in sales, you will qualify for our Magic Beans Giveaway! Peekaboo Beans will give an assortment of Peekaboo Beans and CiCi Bean clothing to donate to a good cause for those Soiree's that qualify. The number of Magic Bean Bundles that will be donated will depend on the total sales amount. This is an amazing opportunity to give to those who deserve an extra special love bomb. So help make a difference and HOST a Bean Soiree in your home, at a park, or within your community.

Together we can make this year even bigger than last year! There are so many organizations that could benefit from some a Magic Beans Bundle: children's hospitals, families in need, youth shelters, and any philanthropic organization that helps children and tweens in need. Let's plant some magic beans in your community and give back to those who deserve it!

To HOST a Peekaboo Beans Soiree, please contact your local Independent Play Stylist or find a Play Stylist in your area by searching HERE.

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