Spring Break Play Challenge | It's time to PLAY!

Spring Break has started for many families and we have been having some beautiful weather in Vancouver, BC, so what better time to get back to PLAY!

Peekaboo Beans is continually on a mission to bring back play into the lives of our future generations. We cannot stress enough the importance that play has on the well-being of our children. This is how our children find out there interests, acquire and practice their social skills, learn to take risks, practice independence and solve problems, and SO much more. Play is a necessity for our children!

So, this Spring Break we encourage you and your family to take the Spring Break PLAY Challenge and embrace the opportunity to connect and experience some FUN adventures with your Beans!

Challenge Instructions: Print off a copy of the Spring Break PLAY Challenge, post to your fridge, bulletin board or anywhere that is easily accessible for you and see how many of these fun activities you can accomplish!  Check them off as you go and feel free to update us with any summaries of your adventures.  Share with us your stories, which ones your kids enjoyed the most, how did you make each activity your own?  Whatever you want to say, we would love to hear!  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time you will spend with your family!   Now get out there and PLAY!  Post photos of your BEANS at PLAY on social media and tag us @peekaboobeans and by using our hashtag #playingwithpb.

Happy Playing!

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