Imaginative & Creative Play

Earlier this week we wrapped up our Earth Day inspired contest. From telescopes, to robots and treasure maps, we loved seeing how creative your Beans were with just a plain old cardboard box!


Creative and imaginative play such as this is so beneficial for our children. Through this type of play, our Beans are able to practice social and emotional skills, problem solving, skills in cooperation if playing with another, learn self-reliance, and so much more!

Getting creative with a plain old cardboard box proves that encouraging our children to practice this type of play doesn't have to be complicated. Try putting together a play area or prop trunk filled with old things you have laying around the house! Old shoes, hats, costumes, fabric/blankets, boxes/crates, stuffed animals or dolls are all perfect role-play toys and make for great imaginative play!

This weekend we hope you continue encouraging creative or imaginative play with your Beans! We love seeing what type of play you and your Beans are up to, so don't forget to post pictures to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.

For more imaginative play inspiration, click HERE.

Happy Playing!

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