Mommies on a Mission - 21 Days to Build a Playground!

Our Mommy Beans 'Reminder to Play' Set Is Finally Here!

You've shouted loud and clear! You want Beans too! 

We've listened and now we're going to deliver! We are so excited to announce our limited edition Mommy Beans 'Reminder to Play' set which is available for pre-order starting today at 2pm CT! Our new Mommy Beans set consists of a stylish charcoal jacket and cozy jersey black leggings that are made from our signature Peekaboo Beans custom fabrics. The fit and style is perfect for every shape and size.

But there's more!

In true Peekaboo Beans fashion it's important that we align the launch of our Mommy Beans 'Reminder to Play' set with our core values. Play is our passion and we must spread our message globally and preserve play in the world. That is why we have partnered with Playground Builders to build a much-needed playground for a school in Afghanistan with over 1000 children.

'Mommies on a Mission'  

We are on a mission! When you pre-order your LIMITED EDITION Mommy Beans 'Reminder to Play' set $8 of the proceeds will go towards building a shiny new playground. Our goal is to sell 1000 'Reminder to Play' sets in order to fund the building of an entire playground. The empty land you see in our 'Mommies on a Mission' video above is the exact land we are hoping to build this playground.
We are giving ourselves 21 days to make this mission of building a new playground - a reality!
As an extra bonus, when you pre-order a 'Reminder to Play' set, you will receive $25 in Play Money to use at a future Soiree! 

To order your Mommy Beans 'Reminder to Play' set, shop on-vine at under 'Really Neat Things' or contact your local Play Stylist! For more information on Mommy Beans and 'Mommies on a Mission', check out our website HERE.

Together we can bring joy to children who deserve a safe play to play.
Happy Mommy Bean Shopping!

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