10 reasons why we love being a mom!

I absolutely loved this article from Savvy Mom, which was originally posted in February.  Its one that brought a smile to my face and find myself often referring back to so I figured I would share it with all of you in case you didn't see it.  Hope it brings you as much joy as it did me to be reminded of how awesome Motherhood can be!
Watching Them Get 'It'
Whatever milestone they’re reaching for—their first step, tying laces, letting go of the fear of the deep end—bearing witness to someone you love achieving their goal for the first time is seriously special (and inspiring).

Taking Credit There are moments where we watch their actions and think: ‘Where did this child come from?’ Then there are moments where we’ll happily take every ounce of credit, thank you. Observing their acts of compassion, empathy, thoughtfulness and love are moments of pride we cherish (and hope we had something to do with).

Pretend PlayWe never know what they will wake up as—a wizard, a princess, a ninja, or a dragon—but we love that being their mom allows us full access to the incredibly awesome and adorable worlds brought to us by our child’s exploding imagination.

The School Pick-Up HugThese (unfortunately) have a time limit, but for as long as they last, that look of happiness/relief/excitement on our four year-olds’ faces as they run to us for a bear hug can’t be beat—by anything.

Backseat Giggles They’re best between siblings, but for an instant shot of pure happiness, nothing beats the sound of our kids’ unadulterated laughter coming from the cheap seats.

Deep SleepsIt’s not (just) because they are finally quiet, it’s how soft and vulnerable they look—being carried away after falling asleep in the car, boat, or chair—giving us a chance to marvel at how quickly they are growing, and how we want to be there every step of the way.

The Wide-Open Spaces We love how our kids remind us that the possibilities are endless; that life is unmapped territory ready to be explored. With their optimism and unspoiled outlook, they give us a daily injection of Carpe Diem we’ll never get anywhere else.

Family Movie NightsHave couch, will snuggle together. Therein lies the beauty of movie night. Add in the memory of their introduction to our favourite flicks like 101 Dalmatians, The Wizard of Oz, ET, Elf (trust us on that one) and magical movie nights are at the upper limits of perfect contentment.

Forming instant friendships is much easier when you’re a kid in the sandbox. As we get older, somehow it gets harder. But motherhood makes for a common denominator, generating some our most significant, supportive and enduring relationships, born out of afternoons spent sharing baby advice and bottles (we’ll leave that open to interpretation).

The BreaksWe love being moms, but after a day or weekend away, we love it just a little bit more. Few reunions will ever top, or feel as good, as those between a mom and the kids who really, really missed her (and the gifts we bought back).

Originally from SavvyMom.ca

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