diy temporary tattoos

 So I was pretty excited when I came across this company called silhouette... Because they sell  printable temporary tattoo paper! AMAZING! You just place it in your regular printer, print out whatever you like on it and you have your own custom temporary tattoos! You can buy the paper from the silhouette website or on ebay and start creating!

Another fun and stylish temporary tattoo alternative for children and adults are the designs from tattly. A company started in July 2011 by a mom in New York who was tired of the poorly designed options available. These quirky tattoos are created by a group of all-star designers and illustrators. Take a look at the cute and quirky designs they sell, which are also great inspiration for your own creations! 

Both options are fun for all ages and the ideas are endless! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this paper! I am also quite taken with some of the original tattly designs available. 
+ tattly knows how important play is!
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