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While perusing blogs for spring 2014 inspiration I came across a unique dollhouse company called lille huset, which I’ve grown a little obsessed with. This company crafts simplistic houses from paperboard and reclaimed Baltic birch wood that children can make their own. I can’t imagine how excited I would be if I had this house as a child, I kind of want my own now. The website has DIY ideas and downloads to decorate your house as well as inspirational houses to provide ideas for your house.

On the online store you can even purchase a set of 6 xs houses that are individually wrapped for party favors. I think this would be a wonderful keepsake and idea for a birthday party and a great craft activity to keep your little guests occupied.

lille birthday party!

These houses are not just for girls! They are a blank canvas so boys can have just as much fun personalizing their own house. With the various designs you can create a small town with roadways and various DIY projects.

I couldn't wait to share these houses with you! Such a great way to fuel your child’s imagination and provide them with a toy that will reflect themselves. Best part is, if the walls get full you can purchase replacement paperboard ones and keep your wood wall.
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