Let's help our children save our planet!

Times are changing and with the newest generation of children, becoming more "green" is not an option as it will become part of their normal lifestyle. As the world becomes increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of our actions, we need to make changes now for the future of our children.  Let's help this up and coming green generation start incorporating more responsible practices into their daily routines that will foster a lifetime of good earth stewardship.
We have compiled a list of things that we can teach our children to do now to go green and help keep our Mother Earth clean: 
  1. Take a litterless lunch to school. Change to reusable containers to pack lunches and eliminate individually wrapped snacks. And this includes staying away from zip lock bags... invest in some washable cotton snack bags instead. 
  2. Walk to school as often as you can. It's a great way to start the day and get some fresh air into your lungs! And maybe arrange to meet up with some friends along the way.
  3. While brushing your teeth, be sure to turn off the water.  No need to keep it running while you are busy brushing 
  4. If you are not in the room, be sure to keep the lights turned off.  And why not turn off those video games, radios & computers while you're at it. 
  5. Ask Mom or Dad to help you plant an organic garden.  Get Growing!! and grow some delicious fresh fruit, veggies and herbs.  And if you don't have  large green space to do this, no worries, you can just container garden. 
  6. Replace paper napkins at the dinner table with reusable napkins.
  7. Don't throw out those toys!!  Instead of getting rid of old toys by throwing them in the garbage, wipe them down, throw them in a box and drop off a local thrift store. 
  8. Get biking! Tell Mom and Dad to stay away from the car and get on the bikes if you are going somewhere in the neighbourhood. Also a great way to keep fit!!
  9. For friends & family birthdays, create homemade gifts using recycled products found around the house. Get those creative juices flowing as the ideas are endless!
  10. When you have outgrown your clothes, find a way to repurpose it or hand it down to a younger family member or friend. 
  11. Say NO to that store bought bottled water!  Instead, switch to tap water and use a Britta (or something similar) and purchase a refillable water bottle that you can use over and over. 

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Mery Aniston said...

My kids cycle to school and I ride my bike to work too!
It's a great exercise. We love every morning and we get also some fresh air into our lungs!